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  1. I'm also 7-2 and lead the league. This guy is 4-5 and I play him this week and shouldn't see him again. So I'm not in a must-win situation
  2. 10 team, 1pt PPR league WRs are: Kupp + Gordon + Pascal + Amendola + Audin Tate RBs are: CMC + Zeke + Montgomery + Drake TE are: Witten & streaming I'm being offered Michael Thomas for Zeke straight up. I'm trying to get the guy to also include James White. He's hesitant. He then offered me James Conner + Diggs + Hooper for just Zeke. Do I take the MT for Zeke? Do I tell him MT + White for Zeke or bust? Or do I take the Conner + Diggs + Hooper? He obviously want Zeke bad, I feel like I have the depth at RB to get a trade done. My WR outside of Kupp is suspect. Need some guidance. Obviously WHIR, just post your link.
  3. I subscribe to fantasy pros already. Didn't realize I could completely customize it. I'll try that! Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know where I could do a mock draft but completely customize it to account for the pre-draft trades that have been made for picks? For example, I have 2 1st round picks and then not another until the 4th round. I want to be able to intervene at certain points to reflect how the draft will go.
  5. That's fair. I'd really be happy with any of the 4. Makes me wonder if anyone in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th spot might want to over pay for the 1st overall lol...I might have a trade auction too lol.
  6. Haha a trape for sure! So who would you take at 1.01 and why? I reeeeeeeeally like CMC but he's been my guy in a keeper league for past 2 years so it might be a little bias. I'm strugglin with this choice But hard to argue with Nuk @ 6 overall that's for sure
  7. My gut is also telling me to utilize the RB-RB strategy as well. Crazy enough, with it being FULL-PPR, I'm really liking CMC at 1.01 and then it's a toss-up between Gordon or Johnson at 1.06. However...if I went CMC at 1.01 then Hopkins at 1.06, from an ADP standpoint it looks like I can scoop up Watson with my 6th rounder which would be a delightful stack. Right now, with my 4th rounder, I'm looking at guys like Diggs, Edelman, Cooks for WR and K.Johnson, Ingram and Lindsay as an RB. This gives me a little more ambition to go RB-RB because if be totally fine with Diggs or Edelman being my WR1. WR depth is much easier to find. I should also mention, we only start 2 WR, not 3. Haha thanks man. It was my 2.07 and 3.07 for the 1.01 and the 5.06. As soon as I saw the trade come through, I couldn't accept it fast enough lol.
  8. You just make trades pre-draft. The Sleeper App just reassigns the traded draft spots accordingly.
  9. So I made a few transactions and was able to secure the 1st and 6th overall picks in my 10 team, full-ppr league. I basically traded away my 2nd and 3rd for the 1st overall and a 5th. So my question is, who would you draft at each spot? Do I go RB-RB (such as Zeke/Barkley/CMC & Gordon/Johnson) or do I go RB-WR (such as Zeke/Barkley/CMC & Hopkins/Adams)? I keep going back and forth on this and can't seem to nail down a strategy. Let's hear it!
  10. In my opinion, the only time a trade should ever be vetoed is when there is definitive evidence of collusion. It is not the job of a commissioner to value and weigh the trades for the teams. They do that on their own accord and in my opinion should be free to make any trades they wish to. So regardless of points and draft position and any other stat you can think of, the real question should be if you have definitive evidence of collusion occurring. If the answer is yes, veto it. If the answer is no, it has to stand. Simple and plain. Otherwise, you've basically signed up to be a league "parent" telling your "kids" what they should and should not do based on your opinion.
  11. Agreed, if you can turn Woods into OBJ I would http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734148-trade-away-thielen-to-get-brandin-cooks-and-dalvin-cook/
  12. 100%. It's real life lol. Do it before he realizes what he's done.
  13. 12 team full point PPR. Other RB is Gurley and Ingram Other WR are Mike Evans, John Brown, Coutee and John Ross