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  1. Overvalued- Mitchel Robinson..... I can see him being drafted and projected as a top 40. He is a block specialist but nothing else other than this, and I think his foul problem will be not improved a lot. I can not understand even drafted before players like T. Harris or Porzingis or at similar place like Turner...


    Undervalued - Lord Cov .... Once again I think that Covington is undervalued if he is healthy he will be easy top 50 with his unique combination of stls blocks and 3pms

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    On 10/12/2019 at 1:34 AM, Kriggly said:

    My buds and I only do a points league with a modified scale.  Tried categories and it just didn't correlate effectively from a real basketball fan perspective.  3 blocks being essentially equal to 30-35 points is nonsensical.  


    But 35 points will contribute in many categories. E.g. Fg, 3pms, FTs.... is not only the points

  3. 13th pick Prince?? You must be playing in a really swallow league. How many players??


    I play in deep leagues (20 and 30 teams) and I like the idea of Justin Andersson mentioned above.

    I am considering picking him up (i had in mind also snell since he is starting but then remembered when he was starting for bucks....)

  4. Dear all.


    I would like ask a question. It would be my first time  that I will play an auction (18 teams) dynasty with real salaries. I would like to ask if anyone know any webpage that gives a prediction of the values of the players in such a setting. I mean usually in my yahoo auction leagues i use the mean value provided by yahoo for a player but for a dynasty where the long term and the contracts play significant role i do not have fond anything similar


    Any help??

    Thank you

  5. Hallo to everyone we have a dynasty league in Fantrax and 3 of our teams have resigned.

    20 USD buy in fee 

    Would anyone be interested to join??

    It is a 30 teams league with salary cap 1 minor and 2 injury. The following teams are available


    Team Kane - This team finished 11th, team has all of its picks.

    Team LA Bakers - This team finished 22nd, team does not own 2020 1st but all other picks.

    Team Young Money - This team finished 9th, team does not own 2019 1st but all future picks



    You can see the advertisement with the rules also in reddit





  6. On 2/10/2019 at 6:29 AM, Kriggly said:

    I don't think any rebuilding team will want him.  Teams would want him to be an instant offense off the bench kind of guy in a rotation missing big men.  From a pure fantasy perspective, I think places like the 6ers, Nets, Hornets, Nuggets, Rockets, or Spurs would be beneficial.   


    I totally agree for Spurs, and Hornets.... But Denver??? With Plumlee making such a good season?? Rockets since Capela will be back soon and Faried plays weel... The same for 76ers which have just acquired Boban and Nets which I think they are satisfied with the duo of JA and Davis.


    I think the the best place would be Hornets or Dalla and Chicago but I do not think (as u said ) that the rebuilding teams would want him...

    Furthermore maybe the Bucks would be a nice spot also since after releasing Maker they do not have a true C backup

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Padilla814 said:


    I would lean towards Mudiay.. I think Sato's usage is only going to improve and he had a good game last night.  I think his %'s are better than Mudiay's as well.


    Can you help with mine?


    I am between Mudiay and K. Anderson... 

    I have already posted in yours (with K. Love you mean right?)