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  1. I have similar ideas, with a small difference I think that the mins for Gibson will be minimum 28. Will Olynyk get those minutes in a constant basis?
  2. I got him also 8th round (96) I think I had a bargain
  3. So if it was between him and Gibson whom would you pick??
  4. What about K Olynyk? Would you prefer him over Gibson?
  5. It seems that he wins the starting 4 job from James Johnson. What do you think - predict for him this year?
  6. I do not like Allen and Len is already drafted. You think Swanigan would be a better option than Gibson?
  7. And none of Kanter RLo are available. T. Chandler , Boban, Mozgov, A williams , Manhimi and Biyombo are available...
  8. William Caule Stein... I do not know why i wrote MCW I meat WCS
  9. I think you will need some extra rebs.And as i said in other topics I do not like Marvin Williams
  10. Do not drop reggie (At least not immediately). I like your team expect from Marvin Williams and I think you will have problems in TO and mabe need some extra 3s
  11. My team at 12 teams roto 8 cat (parenthesis number of pick) PG - Lowry (2), Dennis Smith Jr (8), Murray (11) SG - Mccolum (3), Bradley (7) SF - Durant (1), Otto Porter (5) PF- Ibaka (4), Crowder (9) C - Capela (6), MCW (10) Where do you think I need improvement?? Probably blocks and rebs and what else?? I am thinking of a PF as a 12th pick (probably Gibson) and .... Thanks in advance
  12. Monroe for me besides his limitedminutes he is still better
  13. This would not be an issue if Batum was healthy. But now would you accept such an offer? THanks
  14. So you all think that WCS will outplay Koufos for sure.
  15. I would also go for Powel between the 2 (but i am not fascinated either for Powel... arent they any other options?
  16. Y we are at 116 and i pcik at 120... There are 4 more picks but I hope...
  17. So I am at pick 10-11 12 teams 8 cats My team 1)Durant 2) Lowry 3)Mc colum 4) Ibaka 5) Otto Porter 6) Capela 7) Bradley 8) Dennis Smith Jr 9) Crowder Would you go for WCS or Dedmon for a center (I am afraid of the playing time of WCS) and for the pg Murray or Fultz (this is easier i am more towards Murray)
  18. Actual score is 47-65 and ESPN and has 54-73..
  19. Probably sth is wrong or all the players just shoot 3s and no 2s. Hornets must have 30 3s and 10 2s and Pistons 32 3s and 9 2s .... sth is weird... It must be the other way around
  20. 1/2 and in the previous game 0/2. While last year he had 2 shoots in the whole season... I do not know if this helps his value since it will decrease his fg