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  1. Pull the trigger Ayton would improve while Gasol always suffers from the danger of being shut down
  2. Nope it is not vetoable from my point of view. Probably the side of KAT wins but sure not so much that you shall veto
  3. Jaret Allen? On the waiver? Pick him up asap. I would drop TT for him
  4. I want to pick up DeMarre but I do not know which my drop shall be K. Andreson, Mudiay or Satoransky?? (I own also Nance but I want to stay put). 8 cat, 11 teams
  5. My Lillard + Middleton + Larry Nance Jr for K. Leonard + Covington + Sabonis Roto 11 teams, 8 cat (no TO) I got the offer before the announcement that Lord would miss an extended time... I was about to accept but when i saw the news i did not... What are your thoughts?? WHIR as always
  6. I can not understand why Drew wants to play L.N only on 5. Ok Tristan has improved he deserves some minutes but i can not understand why he does not play them some minutes next to each other. C. Osman is a really bad defender and he can not do anything else other than shoot the 3....
  7. Keep AD
  8. I think you could get something better than reddick from teague if you wait a little bit.. currently his value is low.
  9. I would stay with Teague, he will bet better. Hayward is still somehow protected and i see him resting also as play offs are closer
  10. I think I would got with the westbrook side especially if you are punting FT.
  11. Nope is fair. And i would also pick the right side for the same reasons as you
  12. Harris and the Milsap it is weird that they have been released in the first place. How many teams league is it?
  13. I think I would do it you are full on center spots already, G. Harrys is injury prone and I think DM would improve even moer
  14. I would prefer J Rich because he is usual in those bunch of bad performances he will come back better I think
  15. I want to pick up Melton but I can not make my mind on whom to drop... I have 3 bench players who do not perform well right now but I am hesitating for both of them because they ar e"big" names. Shall I drop Jabari, or Batum or Vonleh for Melton???
  16. I think the first trade is not good i prefer booker over all the other players. But the final result is good to go. If you could exclude booker in the 1st and still end to a similar result in the end i will definitely take it
  17. Wait for some matches of Collins. The trade would depend on his performance. Payton and Kuzma are similar value players. Gobert is better than DJ but depending on the difference of Tobias with Collins if the trade goes to your side or not
  18. I think i will not do the deal. PG is the best player and I will like tosee the impact of Butler
  19. Very nice team for 14 teams... I would try to enforce assists and maybe assists. You can sacrifice STLs and 3pm i think (especially with Buttler coming back)
  20. Which of the following guys you think has the highest upside (I am in need of stls, and i am good in ft and 3pm) Crowder, K. Anderson, D. Collison, T. Thompson
  21. So in some of the leagues that I am playing I face the same questions.... which of the four is the best pich... Boban. Per minutes monster, but how long gortat would be out. Would he have constant minutes (the production will be there) Harrel. Some thing as Boban the minutes are the issue with Gortat in the rotation the 3 big split is tough to gurantee production M. Robinson. Yesterday he was really good but it was the first time he got 30+ mins, could it be due to the match up due to the fact that Vonleh got foul trouble early. Will he continue having these minutes? Vonleh. He was the hot pick till yesterday. Last night due to foul trouble he got just 10 mins. How would his production affected by Knox.... I know that is a tough one but i think lots of you have a similar question WHIR