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  1. I am not sure if Mitch is a better add than Vonleh for example... Yesterday Vonleh had a foul problem, he can play also the small 5. Facing de andre also forced the knicks to go big. In the previous game Vonleh had much more mins than Robinson... Tough one...
  2. Does anyone know if Gortat was DNP-CD or did he have any health issue?
  3. Btw is yahoo the only one that provides auction money leagues?
  4. After reading this topic i got inside my first auction money draft... my tactc was destroyed from the very beginning... After acquiring Harden (as I planned to do) I saw low bids for some very good players (Westbrook, Leonard, Lillard) and I tried to increase the price in order to avoid that somebdoy will buy them low... Eventually I acquired 2/3 of them.... and then in the middle rounds i did not have enough money to spend... My team as I drafted: Harden 73$ Lillard 52$ Leonard 44$ Batum 8$ H. Barnes 3 Gortat 2 Thad. Young 2 Knox 2 Portis 5 RHJ 2 Favors 3 James Johnson 3 Gay 1 Any thoughts... Actually I think that I was lucky that some players like Knox, Barnes Favors were low but in general i have a big gap after my first 3 picks... I was targeting a punt blocks tactic but...
  5. Itexists you just have to activate it on the add players menu. Compare players bar on the right... but is stupid as they made it since you can not use it through your team... it does not keep in memory the last players compared as it used to be. Btw I can not find the player rater tab it has been removed?
  6. You are probably trolling right? U are playing a 6 teams league and you are asking about westbrook at 20...
  7. I could not resist in Jokic i think. Joikic + Lillard Westbrook + Jokic
  8. i think players 1-3 this year are really close. So if you mange to take an extra pick (lets say) in round 3 or 4 and give yours in 5 or 6 it would be anice trade
  9. I do not think Westbrook would be available at 11 but for me West, Lillard, Oladipo, Buttler (the 2 first close and the 2 last close) The next choice depends both on your 1st pick and on the trade of Butler Drummond, Love, Irving for me
  10. Drop Hill and Willie Pick Gay and get some 3s. Maybe Bazem if he is free or sth like that. I would also prefer Poeltl over Willie
  11. None, I would also consider dropping ingram. Actually I prefer WCS over Ingram for sure
  12. I will go with Rudy Gay for sure. I think Warren will have a big competition for mins. I have a similar question
  13. Which of the two would you select?? Rudy Gat or K. Andersson My team PG. Lillard, Teague SG. Batum SF. Middelton, Richardson PF. T. Harris C. Jokic, Turner
  14. Taking in consideration the recent news that he is ahead of the schedule and already started working on 0-5 in which round would you pick in a 8 cat league with IR spot?
  15. Any ideas after the recent game?? Is he top 100 or not?
  16. Alex started over Dedmon today, Any thoughts?? could he finally proved efficient in a rebuilding Hawks team?
  17. 2-3 probably I do not think that the emergence of Sabonis helps him a lot
  18. Boogie will come back at best after christmas. Markkanne is also injured. If you think this year is just a intermediate year then you are ok
  19. Lyles definitely
  20. Jrue for sure. I would only consider A. Gordon for klay
  21. My concern would be points and not blocks. I think your team has an issue on the scoring. I would try to pair Turner with either Collison, Lin or Markanne to get 2 scores and some assists. E.g. T. Harris and Teague