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  1. I will take Bledsoe , the only reason for otherwise is a punt assists tacts as stated abovev
  2. I think Brown will take a big hit this year, the same with Schroeder. I would try to pack both (even with Jackson who will cause you some issues in FG% ) and try to buy a decent PF e.g. Collins
  3. I would go for Love and one SF depending on the "left overs" e.g. Butler/ Kawhi (if they are afraid of the injury)/ PG
  4. I am not favor of Schroeder this year , I disagree that you shall trade away lord cov since you have a problem in assists and 3pm for me. I would try to trade Schroeder and Gibson for a pg with some 3p,
  5. Definitely Garry
  6. Kemba, Lowry, Kyrie, Jrue
  7. 8 cats (no to) 11 teams I would like your option for my team and which categories shall I target for improving at next rounds PG Lillard, Teague SG Batum SF Richardson PF T. Harris C Jokic, Turner I think I will need probably more rebounds and blocks
  8. Nice team I think you shall "exchange" some steals with assists. Maybe you could target someone like Batum with Lord Co
  9. Ι would stay put i am not keen for Issac, I prefer Allen by far. And T. Young will have plenty of opportunities to produce.
  10. p.s. lord cov and Prince are still available but I think there slightly worse
  11. i am very confused i have the 77-78 pick of an 11 team roto 8 cat (no to). I have picked Jokic Lillard Middleton Turner Teague T. Harris I wanted to enforce my def stats. (and maybe rebs) , I was planning something like Nurkic or Adams but have been picked some picks before... So I am thinking to get 2 all around players but all of them have pros and cos... Batum, if healthy is the best... but would he.... Gay if he gets 30+ would be also a nice pick but pop... Kenny is one of my candidates for a breakout... but he has not played before with a big role Richardson is good but I am not sure what will happen for a possible trade... Which would you pick?? Do you think any of those would remain in my next pick (99_ thanks in advance WHIR as always
  12. I did not find any topic for Tyler. Whats your opinion? I think a pick around 10th round is very good choice especially in a possible trade of dragic
  13. Doncic a 3 and a small 4?? No way. Doncic is a PG at worst at 2. He dominated in this position both for Real Madrid and for Slovenia. I like the comparison with Drajen, but with one difference Doncic has worst 3p shot and better passing.
  14. W8 to see
  15. I would stay put
  16. W8 one more game to see the mins of Noel
  17. w8 one more game to see the minutes and then drop Augustin
  18. I do not think it will be accepted, I would even think of a veto but if it is go for it without any thoughts
  19. Who would you drop for those?? Only if it is a deep league and have somenone to drop i would go for Noel but still is not a very hot pick up
  20. Winslow
  21. Favors is better than Bjelica for sure.
  22. Love and maybe Gortat if you are in need of rebs