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  1. Nope
  2. DSJ , THJ, Fox
  3. Definitely go for it
  4. My team is Lowry, Jrue Holiday, Teague, Dennis Smith Jr Mccolum, Barton Durant, Porter, Leonard, Josh Jackson RHJ, Kanter, WCS I need rebs, steals and FT and I can loose FG, 3pms. I am thinking to drop RHJ (and maybe next week Leonard if no news appear). The options in the WW Skal Lab, Winslow, Harrel, Poetl, Bjelica, k. Anderson, R. Gay, Marcus Morris, Dedmon, Henson, Noel I am thinking mainly Winslow and Dedmon (but the tanking Atlanta...). Any ideas? Thank you
  5. I think I would w8 a little bit but if you are already sure for po , I would drop Satoransky (since in the po wall would be back) and pick Bogdanovic (since you want 3s and steals)
  6. No wait for the ww to be cleared. He is slightly better but not difference maker
  7. Giannis, Vucevic, Simmons, Gasol, , Gordon amd probably JAbari
  8. Prnce Heald for me
  9. I am thinking to reform my bench... which 3 of the following would you choose? J. allen, Nwaba, J. Green, K. Leonard, RHJ, Labisserie, Dedmon, J Jackson thank you
  10. Draymond side. Vuc will not be 100% from the beginning
  11. Thanks for the answers I just need more people to answer because the guy that offered me this thinks I am somehow presenting everything the way it fits me when I say that this offer is not even close fair.... so even if you agree with the people before you please post your answer. Thanks
  12. I think is quite even and depends on your needs. I would probably go for Holiday side but only due to the po schedule.
  13. So i shall be happy with C. Leef for my Teague... and he thinks that I am wrong that I laughed back for his offer...
  14. I would stay put. I am sceptical with Spurs
  15. I would accept Lavine he will improve even more
  16. Even for me
  17. You mean as keepers for next year??? It is impossible that these are your worst players
  18. Drummon > Jordan Crowder << Dunn So i think you got a nice deal
  19. If you can provide some additional info about the point systems Normally I would go for Butler without any thoights