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  1. 12 teams 8 cats. Which side do you think that it wins?? Teague and WCS Courtne Lee and Dedmon THank you
  2. No keep him, he will definitely win the league for you
  3. Shall I make the trade? MY Rondae Hollis Jefferson and Jaret Allen for Lord Covington and Favors. Allen's minutes are really low and I think that the return of RHJ will harm him even more (he will steal mins from Acy at 4 and Acy from Allen in 5).... So I am thinking to pack them together in a trade. Lord Cov can go nowhere that higher.... Any Thoughts?? WHIR
  4. so in your league nobody can veto?? If you trade Durant for DSJ nobody could say anything?
  5. No time to do this even if the trade offer was accepted asap there is 1 day review period for owners to put a trade.. till tomorrow Beasley would have been claimed for sure
  6. I am in the same position. Jarrett Allen / Dennis Smith for Beasley and yet I can not make my mind (I have 5 more hours till he clears the waivers and still is not sure tha I can get him)
  7. noone has 2 of them. And Besides Ibaka and Capela I have also Durant (Gobert, Whiteside and Turner have few matches). And I have also players with out of position blocks e.g. Holiday 0.7 Barton 0.6 ... At the beginning I was not also expecting to be 1 but losts of injuries at the centers. So nobody is thinking dropping DSJ?? Although in real life i really like his play his FT% kills me
  8. Actually I am first by far in Blocks... I had Ibaka and Capela and traded them for TEague and Kanter..... and I adde Allen to retain my 1st position. (It is a roto I mention again)
  9. No I think that Bledose is much better than Randle the same for Hood over Bojan... The difference of Harden over Giannis is smaller
  10. Allen for sure
  11. Definitely. Drop MKG or Mbah (my 1st candidate)
  12. I am on a Roto , so no playoff. I am no1 with couple of matches more than the average.
  13. JAckson for Satoransky and Simmons for T. Johnson for me (I think the Magic will trade some assets).
  14. Esepcially with the new offer stay put. Lavine is better player by far
  15. If you have secured a playoff spot (because 4 is usually on the margin) go for it.
  16. If you are dropping Prince stay put
  17. I am not sure I would wait till the trade deadline (unless your deadlinie is also on 8)
  18. Do you think I have a drop for Beasley??? (Leonarnd, DSJ and Allen are possibly the most popular candidates but do they deserve to be dropped?) Lowry-Teague-Holiday-DSJ McColum - Barton Durant - Otto porter - Leonard RHJ Kanter - WCS - Allen
  19. I would try to trade him. His numbers can make him a sell high candidate
  20. Butler i think but is equal. what do your team looks like in the cats??