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  1. If I remember correctly they applied for the exemption, but the league refused it.
  2. Whiteside, Ingram, and Vanvleet were the biggest surprises for me. Early in the season I didn't think Whiteside/Ingram were sustainable, so I'm really surprised they managed to keep it up the entire season.
  3. Third quarter and he already has 6 3's. If he keeps this play up the rest of the season I wonder how high he'll be drafted next year.
  4. Now I'm expecting to celebrate with a shake after each of his games
  5. I picked him up but I expect to be disappointed by his next two games which will be away against the Clippers and the Lakers.
  6. Nice bounce back after a 0/8 showing yesterday
  7. He's probably going to keep doing what he's been doing. He's not going to put up much better stats unless Allen gets injured. If the stats he has so far is enough for you then go ahead and pick him up.
  8. When I saw the starters I thought they were forced to play with the people from their own division. I can't imagine why Giannis only picked people from the East for the starting 5.
  9. After this trade he would gain a lot of value if Capela misses time, but as it stands he's going to be a backup and probably won't see much increase in value.
  10. I'd keep your side, Shai is good but not that good.
  11. That's true, I could see him having value in that case. I was only thinking of roto but in that sort of situation especially he should be worth an add.
  12. Incredible game and someone just offered him to me in a trade, but I don't think I'll bite. He was ranked #146 last year and hasn't played well at all this year until the last few games. Barring an injury to Harden or Westbrook I don't see a reason for him to do better than his ranking last year.
  13. I would prefer Jrue. He's a good player with a good track record, and is still doing better than Rubio despite having a slightly down season. Zion will probably cut into his usage somewhat but he also could end up making things easier for the rest of the team, I wouldn't be too concerned.
  14. Teams are actively looking to defend the pick and roll and lobs to him now, and since he can't create much offense himself he's not doing much.
  15. I'm stashing him in my IR. I'm willing to lose the IR spot for most of the year for even ~1 month of Isaac.
  16. I drafted him 21st in one league and 30th in another, both non-cash leagues. Fun fact, Doncic was drafted at 22nd in the former.
  17. Apparently he's been dealing with knee issues for a while now, so it could cause him to keep missing games for the rest of the season. I don't know if there's a surgery or shutdown risk but it's something to consider along with the risk of missing more games for soreness. It makes him less attractive but he should still have value if he's just missing a few games throughout the season to the injury.
  18. How about Seth Curry? With Doncic out he should be getting some more minutes and he's had a couple nice games recently.
  19. I like the FVV + Morant side more. Morant is better than WCJ though a little riskier as a rookie. I think FVV is a little better than Covington, and less of an injury risk. The problem is you'll only have one SF if you do the trade. If you think you can get another SF somewhere I would do the trade.
  20. I've been missing this guy. Now let's see if he can get this season's FG% back to what it was last year.
  21. He'll need some time to get back into the groove of things, I don't expect any quadruple/quintuple doubles until his second game back.
  22. This is the kind of game I would expect from someone named TJ Bucket