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  1. Please just say “ignorant”. It’s really annoying when people say “stupid” when they mean “ignorant”. They are literally ignorant on the meaning of ignorant.
  2. TB will light them up so Kyler will probably throw a lot...
  3. Philly, Miami, Washington week 14-16. Sign me up
  4. I'd rather have Godwin since you have good RB depth
  5. Waller and Evans are past their byes. Both Kelce and Ridley have theirs to go.
  6. Bell looked great and Miami, NYG, Washington, Oakland, Cinci, Miami is on the horizon
  7. Watson hasn't been running for his life the last 2 weeks. Hopefully that continues...
  8. Probably for the best. He needs to put some weight back on and get his strength up
  9. This hurts Gordon a lot more than White
  10. If you have room you almost have to hold to prevent somebody else beating you with him.