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  1. He is on my waiver Should I grab him? Him and Justin Holiday
  2. I’m glad You suckers finally bought in on Humph
  3. Let me guess ..yep You missed out on Damien William too huh I said the same thing to my friend when he grab Damien because someone else already had Ware.
  4. I will never be fool again I rather not catch the Train 🚊
  5. Thanks your instincts just cause me to play MNF
  6. That’s good too know. I think they also won’t have Tyrell Williams and MG
  7. I have to start him I just have too and he shall ball I talk to his mom and to his brother today. I told them to tell Ridley take off
  8. What’s his floor with Pat keeping him Warm ?
  9. So what’s next ? Avoid him? Joey will look to terrorize Josh and Casey will look to blanket Fitz? Can we trust Fitz
  10. Ridley is good only issue I have with him is Sanu won’t go away
  11. Robby Anderson could be sneaky against Pats
  12. If the choice was between Lamar Rivers Baker mullens chasing big points 23-30+ points this week who would you go with
  13. I hope DIXON don’t blow up next week
  14. Will either be a decoy, with limited rep or he’ll take a hit and go out on the side line patriot should rest him for the playoff stretch
  15. Question is how is the 49ers against TE
  16. Can he give 30 points this week? If not waiver or bench for me
  17. I don’t Tampa will ever goes back to Fitz the magic is Gone and Fitz knows this and Tampa knows this