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  1. I'm up for anything, sounds like a good idea as my other two leagues consist of three divisions of four teams. Good luck this week guys!
  2. Great run. Here's one tweet from Bay Area reporter on Denarius Moore: Denarius Moore fields punt, puts move on Chimdi Chekwa. Chekwa falls on backside, Moore off to races. Mama, mama, there goes that man again.
  3. Anyone interested in a dynasty startup? Probably won't start until Monday because of Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast. Thinking 12-team, non-ppr, non-idp, 21-player roster. 6-point all TDs, decimal scoring, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE Please reach me at, if you want to join or have a friend who plays dynasty who's interested. Thanks.
  4. Down goes another rookie RB. Ryan Williams out for the season.
  5. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm starting a 12-team, ppr dynasty league. Not sure which site to host at but I have about 8-10 guys interested. People have suggested for a draft/host site, and possibly a $15 entry fee. If someone would like it to be free I have no problems switching it back.
  6. It says it was approved on ESPN. Guess mbs4 processed it? Not sure.
  7. I'll email Drater. ESPN league says he processed it.
  8. Looking for a No. 1 or No. 2 RB. Email me via espn site or
  9. I like the trade for Manningham, and feel he's ready to breakout this season.
  10. +1 I have to admit I haven't been the perfect owner. We all have busy schedules but every owner should at least fulfill some duties as a dynasty owner, whether it's responding to or sending emails about trades, etc. or setting and maintaining their roster. Just communicating with one owner of 12 doesn't cut it.
  11. C'mon - you can say that about any rookie. He still has perceived value entering the league. Luck hasn't played a down in the NFL yet but how many teams would take him on their team right now? It just irks me because your the one structuring the deal for him and it doesn't sound like he's had any input, whether it's Knox or Garcon, it seems like he's taking whatever you deem fair.
  12. Not to be a dck, but on the other site you told me he would've accepted the Knox/Gronk for Jones trade. Right then I knew he doesn't know what he's doing. I kinda feel like you were trying to offer him the fairest deal but that would also not damage your team at all. Again, I could be wrong and totally out of line. You've got him.
  13. Maybe I am over-reacting... it's just hard to watch one of the consensus top 3 players in the draft who's receiving rave reviews go to our best team for two non-starters (on his team). That's all.
  14. Vereen/Garcon for Julio Jones? So to move up from 1.12 to 1.03 all it took was Pierre Garcon? I assume the 2012 first or second is included.... I know this isn't PPR or a money league and both are rookies, but that's a lopsided trade. Drater, I think you need to deal Vick soon if you want to beat Roeth for No. 1 2012 pick. Maybe I'm overrating Jones. Plus this is a blockbuster considering I Can Have Roeth is carrying Kareem Huggins, Demetrius Williams and Joshua Cribbs on his roster. Is he even watching the wire? Just thought I'd ask.
  15. No one wanted Tony Moeaki? I guess I'm the only guy who likes four tight ends on his roster.
  16. Awful news, and worse for our guy Drater. I might have to stick to wide receivers in future rookie drafts.
  17. To megamovie: can you ask if I Can Have Roeth is interested in Jacob Tamme? I think he owns Dallas Clark. Thanks in advance!
  18. Tony Gonzalez is available for a fourth-round pick. Help a brotha out. As for waivers, tonight is NOT the deadline to have our list set on the ESPN site, correct?
  19. Tony Gonzalez is available for a fourth-round pick. Help a brotha out.
  20. Drater and I completed a trade several days in the making. He's busy at work so I'll announce it here: Lana Turner's Lover receives QB Mark Sanchez Trailer Park Hoes gets WR Mike Thomas This is my third trade since the start of our rookie draft, and the second with Drater. Lovin' the action this year!
  21. Damn, Aso to Philly. On the flip side, I have Philly's D! But screw you Aso
  22. No one for Miami will catch a pass in at least two games next season if New York signs Aso. It'll be unfair. Moore vs. that defense?