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  1. To clear up my post, Hernandez is on the preseason PUP.
  2. Might be interested in Hernandez, but he just went on the PUP list. I'll reach out via email.
  3. I would love for it to go in the same order as our rookie draft, but that's me.
  4. Last night an NFL reporter said Aso was making a decision in 24 hours. It better be tonight because I can't take it. What's the holdup?
  5. One more pick and it's a wrap! What's next?
  6. That's good value. Now let's see if Kolb can "backup" that contract.
  7. Thought he was rostered, actually. No risk at this point.
  8. Yes, it was more in jest. I should've said 'And I can't believe I traded Marshall!" I am very happy with Holmes. Perhaps I could've asked MegaMovie for a pick as a sweetner....I'll never know. Fair trade in my book since no one asked me about Marshall in over a year.
  9. Was thinking same thing, ha. By the way, where the hell is Braylan going? Jets interested in Moss, Redskins re-signed Moss and traded for Gaffney. Not a good day for the soon-to-be ex-Jet. Who wants him? Other news: Stewart remains in a RBBC, Gore plans to holdout, Orton and Bradshaw possibly to Miami (glad I traded Marshall!) And potentially the biggest free-agent splash: Aso to JETS? In Tannenbaum/Rex/Woody I trust!
  10. Honestly, I have no problem waiting until you get back home from work. Most of us are still at work and there's enough FA news to whet our appetites.
  11. No, he didn't know McCoy was available. I know I would've picked him at 4.02. What's the going rate for Young Master Tebow?
  12. I know who it is - maybe i should've snagged him, too.
  13. Wow, that sucks. Horrible calculation on my part.
  14. I 'Lol'd' By the way, does anyone watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? I know, stupid question. Season's good so far! As far as Slaton goes, how could I keep him or any of my original three picks? When you whiff that bad on your start-up rb's it's best to end it soon as possible....or two years later.
  15. The Lana Turner's Lover & Steve Slaton romance finally comes to a close. You weren't with us then, but I took Slaton at 1.08 in our start-up dynasty draft.....
  16. Nice doing business, Drater! *Rolls dice*
  17. Made a trade offer to Drater. Waiting to hear from him, and then I'll make my pick.
  18. I emailed mbs4 just in case before my pick and he said 'yes.' Never hurts to ask.
  19. "Purple People Eaters - Tashard Choice dropping no one" You made it that much easier for me to make my selection. Choice was weighing heavily on my mind.
  20. My guess is taking McCoy in front of I Miss Football.....