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  1. Jets signed a UDFA guard from Notre Dame, a SS from Va. Tech and a defensive end from TCU....why am I so excited!
  2. Purple People Eaters - Christian Ponder dropping Shawn Nelson Lana Turner's Lover - Jacquizz Rodgers dropping Chester Taylor I Can Has Roethlisberger? - Andy Dalton dropping Jeff Reed Southern Steeler - Austin Pettis dropping Kevin Boss Trailer Park Hose - Da'Rel Scott dropping Dimitri Nance Abusement Park - Greg Salas dropping Bryant Johnson Pack Attack - Jason Hill dropping Bernard Berrian Carolina Blues - Vincent Brown dropping Ben Watson Ill Will - Colt McCoy dropping..... Unemployed Sofa Kings - OTC I miss Football - El Iguanodon -
  3. Mike Thomas and Jordy Nelson are two guys, but I don't have a problem discussing others.
  4. Anyone interested in trading their 2012 rookie pick/s for a player?
  5. I totally understand if an owner is on vacation or busy at work, but this is the third round of a rookie draft. Just text/email your pick in. It's 2011, not 1990.
  6. Hey Steeler - read through the thread first before you pm me about not making a pick for 3 days. Thanks for lookin' out. 'Preciate it.
  7. Not to be a dck or anything but has he once made his pick on time?
  8. I am actually interested in a dynasty start-up, preferably non-ppr. Let me know if there are people interested and need a guy.
  9. Just curious: what do you all think about adding team rosters in our signatures? Might help to see who everyone rosters and make it easier to devise a trade. As for Scott, don't know much about him. A seventh-round pick for the Giants. That franchise knows how to pick RBs in later rounds: Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ron Dayne (whoops, sorry G-men fans!)
  10. I like that all my picks play for winning franchises, not to say that means anything. Rodgers is in a good spot but I wonder how the lockout will effect his progression as a rookie and who stays in Atlanta. Either way it's decent value at 3.02 from what I've seen. However, they always say draft talent over opportunity. Hopefully these players pan out as I continue to rebuild.
  11. OK, here we go.... I will select Jacquizz Rodgers RB ATL Drop Chester Taylor
  12. Like a second-rounder in 2012 would be too much to ask, right
  13. Well I am off to get a coffee. At work until 5-5:30. If I'm not on don't hesitate to harass me at for my pick or w/e.
  14. Kanter always seems to get good value in these rookie drafts. Grrr.
  15. I liked Powell, too. Of course I am a Jets homer but he would've been great value at 3.02. Drater, what slot did you have Powell penciled in? Kanter's or at your pick?
  16. That would be your Steelers, correct? Because the Jets "can't wait!" to handle Brady again this year!
  17. I also would like to see if anyone's interested in making presseason predictions 1-12. It would rile up the owners who think they got shafted and stir up an interesting debate.
  18. Guess I was too late to read your pm, mbs4.