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  1. I'm all for trading players and picks. Gotta try to spice up the action. Just no lowballs I think it's safe to say no one will be inquiring about the availability of my running backs....
  2. I'd like to put Brandon Marshall on the block. Please hit me up if you are interested. Looking for either RB/WR.....
  3. I'm just dying to compete in this league. I might not be the smartest or sharpest dynasty owner, but would love to surprise at some point. Like many, running back is a black hole on my roster. Hopefully Ingram starts a new era for my team.
  4. After consulting with my scouts, Lana Turner's Lovers select RB Mark Ingram, N.O. I'll drop Seyi Ajirotutu.
  5. To Iggy, Can you please respond to my trade offers? I've made a few and they always expire.
  6. No one is more surprised to be 3-3 than me. Just happened to have solid performers across the board this week.
  7. Shoulda taken Starks. Oversight on my part. Nice to see a blockbuster go down between Ill Will and one of our new guys. I haven't received any trade offers, which I'm sure will be a recurring theme this season.
  8. Yea I was disappointed about the available running backs. I took Dez because from what I've read and know, he could become better at his position than any of the RBs could at theirs. If I'm at the bottom next year, and that is likely, I'll hope for Mark Ingram.
  9. I know we are only 1/4 into the third round, but what are your thoughts on the rookie draft? Not how it's taking forever, but how teams are adding pieces and improving/not improving.
  10. Let's throw a Hail Mary. I'll select Deji Karim RB JAX
  11. I will select Jimmy Graham TE Saints - drops Iglesias. Ill Will is OTC.
  12. Curious - were FAs available in the rookie draft?
  13. MBS has already dropped players from our rosters on ESPN so My guess is we are staying.
  14. Let's get this draft done with. Preseason has already begun!!
  15. Yea, I liked the pick. Interesting comparison to Culpepper. Did you have him rated higher than Bradford?
  16. I like Bradford just as much if not more than Henne.
  17. Kidding about Tebow busting, but I am interested to see how he's used this season. My main thing is the foundation of the league is strong and we don't have the same pool of few teams who roll to the championship game and dominate overall. Not saying that's bad, those owners deserve all the success. But for the league to survive it'll be important for lots of action and competitive teams.
  18. USK's - your team is definitely nasty. My preseason guess at a final is you vs. I Miss Football. Ill Will - good luck with Tebow. I'm curious to see how he pans out. Hopefully he's a bust
  19. Lana Turner's Lover selects Sam Bradford QB Rams ROUND 2 I can has Roethlisberger - Brandon Lafell - Chris Henry Pack Attack - Dexter McCluster - Ladell Betts Lana Turner's Lover - Sam Bradford - Travis Beckham Ill Will - OTC