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  1. This was meant to be for standard. Your guys knowledge looking at your post history is probably better than mine on this, I just couldn't find anywhere that did accurate ROS rankings for trades so decided to make my own as a guide, seeing as people seem to only do week by week ones.
  2. Completely forgot about Martin, and yeah Cohen should probably be in there somewhere. It would be a lot better if an experienced person/expert made ROS rankings for evaluating trades and stuff, but can't find accurate ROS rankings anywhere so figured I'd make my own to evaluate trades to at least have a starting point.
  3. Going to give this a try, gap means a tier 1. Brown 2. Julio 3. Beckham 4. Green 5. Evans 6. Michael Thomas 7. Jordy Nelson 8. Brandin Cooks 9. Keenan Allen 10. Tyreek Hill 11. Dez Bryant 12. Doug Baldwin 13. Stefon Diggs 14. D. Thomas 15. Hopkins 16. Fitzgerald 17. Michael Crabtree 18. Emmanual Sanders 19. T.Y. Hilton 20. Davante Adams 21. Amari Cooper 22. Alshon Jeffrey 23. Golden Tate 24. Jarvis Landry 25. Devante Parker
  4. Going to give these ROS rankings a try, gap means a tier: 1. Hunt 2. Bell 3. Elliott 4. Freeman 5. Gurley 6. McCoy 7. Ajayi 8. Gordon 9. Fournette 10. Hyde 11. Cook 12. Montgomery 13. Howard 14. C.J. Anderson 15. Lynch 16. Murray 17. Mixon 18. Gillislee 19. Carson 20. McCaffrey 21. Miller 22. C. Thompson 23. Crowell
  5. Am currently in the same situation and prefer Gurley over McCoy, I'm not even sure if I would move Gordon for McCoy. I would prefer Gurley unless you can upgrade another position in the trade.
  6. Would definitely trade Murray, CJ is closer but given Charles's recent uptick in workload for the Broncos would trade either of them. Probbaly the best time to buy low on Kelce after his bad game.
  7. I would definitely be playing Cooks, but prefer Hill slightly over Diggs, feel Diggs big game was more of an anomaly. Only real weak point of your team is QB at this point but RB and WR depth looks strong.
  8. Not worth it, drop from Evans to M. Thomas not that big and like Walker ROS as TEs are scarce, he is much better than Witten and Carson behind the Seahawks O-line isn t great.
  9. Evans straight up if he would do that but I doubt it, but would not be against sending Cook or Hyde and Fitzgerald for Bell, would prefer you a bit more if you did that.
  10. I like the trade in a vacuum, but you do lose some RB depth, I would see if you could trade one of those WRs or add one in a package for an RB, you will have great WR depth after the trade if you do it.
  11. 10 team standard Give Melvin Gordon, get Lesean McCoy Also wondering on who I should sell high for Gurley on thinking of offering for Julio/Evans/Freeman, but not sure if it is worth it to move him given his recent play.
  12. Would take this trade immediately - Murray is in a potential time share and may only be an RB2, and Thomas is a WR1, and gets a boost since it is .5 ppr, coleman and carson are servicable rb2s when you have Green/Thomas/Hilton, especially when Luck gets back
  13. Maybe for a low end WR2 I would sell him, but would want to keep him if was only getting a WR3/Flex back
  14. Seems almost droppable after last night, getting badly outplayed by thompson