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  1. As a current owner of David Johnson in 2 Dynasty leagues, Phillips is a must have/get (if you have the roster space of course), as IMHO he may provide what Duke can’t IF DJ were to fail/go down...Phillips offers just a little piece of mind.
  2. ...does add a new light to my perception on Winston spreading the ball. Thanks. Agreed. ...especially Evans owners.
  3. I was referring to Brady making more pass attempts to the #3 through whatever receiver via his read progression. Opposed to Winston focusing on #1 and #2.
  4. ...and maybe there is something to TB not managing their wideouts correctly. Referring to both starting WRs coming down with hammy injuries at the end of the season and Arians putting some blame on the organization. IMHO IF the TB organization was partly to blame and IF they haven’t addressed a solution, the #3 and #4 WRs in TB have a slightly better chance at seeing the field due to injury. *especially with such a fast twitch muscle athlete like Evans. ...just a thought. Also, Tom will find the open WR, more so thanWinston so we may see more production out of the TB satellite players 🤷‍♂️
  5. I’ll 2nd Okereke and add: AJohnson Den and DGreenlaw *and add Queens name alongside Simmons.
  6. Thanks for the add, @Sack Exchange 😎 I’ve already participated in 1 rookie draft that included IDPs and I focused on the 3 obvious stars, in order: DL CYoung, S/LB ISimmons and LB Patrick Queen. CYoung went mid second and I took ISimmons at 2:09 and PQueen at 2:10. These 3 are the top tier overall, as well as at their respective positions. I view Simmons with LB1 potential in AZ, as he has some play makers around him, so it may take a bit (Baker will now be limited moving forward), and Queen in Bal is LB1 $, day1. Seem too be more good edge/rush defenders in this draft than MLB/WLB/ILB. I had hoped Simmons would be designated a S by the NFL, while playing a hybrid LB/S role, but oh well. LB WGay of KC and LWilson Cin went basically in the 4th, followed by Murray, Brooks, Baun and the NE LBs. Really lite on IDPs in that league.
  7. I gave: RB Aaron Jones + TE Jonnu Smith I got: Rookie 1:02 + Rookie 4:11 + FA 1:02 *dynasty roster in signature
  8. Chase Edmonds showed us all what he is, a serviceable back-up who can produce in spot duty, but is no bell-cow. Through the first 4 weeks he saw 14 touches total. Week 5 he saw 11 touches; week 6 = 7 touches; week 8 = 29 touches and week 9 he saw 9 touches prior to injury. He saw no other touches until week 14 where he saw his 1 and final touch of the season. That's only 70 total touches prior to injury, with only 1 more touch over the remaining 8 weeks. When David Johnson returned to the field week 13 he proceeded to see: 13) 6 touches to Drake's 15 14) 5 to Drake's 14 15) 3 to Drake's 23 16) 3 to Drake's 27 17) 0 to Drake's 16 If Az Tags Drake it will signify this is Drake's backfield...snooze, you lose.
  9. Of course nothing is written in stone, but... Thomas was drafted in 2018 with every intent that he be the heir apparent. It should be his job to lose. 2018 Rotoballer: "With their second pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers' selected former Indiana Hoosier, Ian Thomas, the potential heir to their veteran tight end Greg Olsen. Of the 14 rookie tight ends selected in the 2018 NFL Draft, Thomas was selected by the Carolina Panthers as the sixth tight end off the board. In a rookie class with several potential mismatch tight ends available, Thomas is no exception. At 6'4" 260 pounds, he offers impressive agility and speed for someone of his size, and is close to Olsen who is 6'5" 255 pounds." Fantasy Pros: "Without Cam Newton for the bulk of the year, the Panthers' tight end position was an overall dud in fantasy. Assuming Greg Olsen and the Panthers part ways, Thomas would be in line to enter 2020 as the team's TE1. Buy him low in dynasty." Rotoviz article from July 2019, which should carry even more weight now that Olsen is gone: IMHO there is zero reasoning behind paying big $ in FA and/or high draft capital for a TE . They'll pay for depth not additional "starter" $. snooze, you lose :shrug:
  10. Now that Olsen and Carolina have finally parted ways, it's time for Ian Thomas to step into the starting role and afford FFBall more juice at the TE position. 6’4” 260lbs 2018 Combine: 40 = 4.74s (tied for 5th fastest at his position) 36” Vertical (3rd at his position) 3rd heaviest in his class (could lend itself to the belief he is/will be one of the better inline blocking TEs from his class) 2nd longest broad jump (this plus his Vert combined, display good explosion) Ranked as 2nd best JuCo TE in the Nation his sophomore year. Short 2yr stint at Indiana, combined with a Senior year filled with injuries, left some question marks and gave reason for his being only the 6th TE off the board. When thrust into a starting role week 16 of 2018, Thomas produced a 4/48/1 stat line on 5 targets. Thomas again came through when the role was all his in week 14 of 2019, with 5/57/1 on 10 targets. A bit of a stretch, but extrapolating Olsen + Thomas' stats over the 2019 season (combined) the starting Carolina TE would have been the 8th overall TE in PPR with 153pts. IMHO Thomas can do better than that with the job to himself. Indiana Highlights (sorry for the adds):
  11. Kupp, Singletary, Waller and Juju *I'd look to trade Ekeler and Mack to a RB needy team.
  12. Gotcha' Side note: my oldest keeper league (est. 1994) has rules in place to prevent getting something for nothing. You can trade anyone/any draft RD prior to keeper designation deadline. Following keeper designation, you would only be allowed to trade away current assets, such as, currently owned draft RDs (RDs not forfeited for keepers) and/or your two keepers. *trading away of non-designated keepers (nothing) for players/draft RDs (something) following the deadline would not fly. ...all leagues are different though. g/l in 2020
  13. We obviously disagree philosophy wise (but this could simply be a result of me not understanding the individual nuances of your league make-up), as I'd keep both WRs over those 2 RBs. So, keep no one. *see below Confusion: you say you'll trade a WR (Evans/Godwin) for Mahommes, but speak nothing to Mahommes being one of your potential "two" keepers. So, why even ask about the 2 RBs being potential keepers (if you are indeed trading one), and then, referencing said trade, why not inquire about only 1 of the RBs being a potential keeper, along with Mahommes