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  1. Then the fix is to retroactively fix the last three and changing those results. Seems even more controversial then putting a rule for the next 2 weeks to me.
  2. Because of Edelman;s bye I'm playing him for this reason also. Plus face Hunt/Hill in that game and felt obliged to replace the Kupp fight back I was supposed to have in some way. I fear the TEs getting Kupp's targets instead but whatever.
  3. That's a 30 point stat line I'd love to see but I think the score will be rather low, I have him in the 22 point range: 21/27 for 317 yds 2 TD, 1 Int 5 for 35 yds rushing
  4. If it's already gone on for 3 weeks, I'd have to say the damage is done this year and it sucks but so be it. Freebie wins have been given out but pretty much everyone else beat them as well if they've given up. A commish set line up rule sounds fair if they're willing to do it but I'd imagine it would quickly become a pain in the a** to check 1-4 teams etc each week once bye weeks start.
  5. Down by 2.5 going into SNF with his Zeke vs my Ertz remaining (1 pt PPR). I get the win 177.18 to 175.82. Passed the lead back and forth a few times during the game...I may need a bye week to recover from this roller coaster ride. Bonus cool story bro for the cool story bro...I started the Jets D over Washington D in this one and put up -3 pts instead of 17 pts. 99 times out of one hundred I'd be posting in the vent and rant thread instead!
  6. Tough choice. I'd go titans and hope their defense keeps it low scoring. Lions/Vikings seems like more of potential shoot out to me.
  7. I'd go with Moore. Bucs pass D terrible and his targets have been on the rise lately.
  8. Need to start 3, 1 pt PPR Sanders vs Hou Edelman vs Den Keenan @ Sea Kupp @ NO
  9. Too many mouths to feed to trust Gordon. Mixon will at least get a ton of guaranteed touches with Gio still out. Go with the volume play IMO.
  10. I would like to see the two positions consolidated into one. If you own the DST of a team that includes the kicker. IMO trying to kick a field goal is a special teams play so why not make some crappier defenses viable by including the kicker points.
  11. Sad state of affairs this week for my RBs. Starting Hyde as one of my RBS. Who should be the second: Powell Henry Montgomery 1 pt PPR
  12. Wow. I haven't looked at theses stats for a couple of weeks. Wasn't aware that a guy who has yet to crack my starting line up has more targets than the rest of my WRs. Still not staring him over Keenan, Sanders, Kupp, Fuller or Edelman most weeks but I'll be happy to trade just about any of my WRs to get the RB help I need thanks to Fournette's situation...just as soon as my league mates start replying to trade offers.
  13. I kind of hope long as somebody else like Anderson has a solid game. I'm not dressing Enunwa this week, so I want future opposing defenses to key in on somebody other than Quincy
  14. Hyde and Gio. I may end up starting both of those guys as well, depending on Fournette.
  15. 100% good trade, great upgrade for you and helps his rb situation.