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  1. Got him in round 3 yesterday, hoping his pass catching can save me.
  2. Got him in the last round of a draft, gotta love the opportunity and the coaching staff has faith in him.
  3. Man am I pumped for Bal D to play him first week. Hes being put in a rough situation.
  4. wellll if anyone could turn him into a decent QB, it might be the eagles.
  5. Agreed, unless he shows something in the preseason, this is gonna be a timeshare at best behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league.
  6. I expect Freeman to get most of the work by the end of the season, the start may have a heavy dose of booker.
  7. Bell has the most yards for scrimmage in his first 5 seasons of any player ever, get your trolling out of here.
  8. Yea as a steeler fan I am greatly disappointed. I find it hard to believe he will be able to get too much better of a deal next year, and will most likely be in a much worse offense.
  9. Yea the timing is a killer, i think he will return rb 2 value when he returns, i am hoping he falls to 6th/7th round range
  10. 100% with you there, I dont believe Mckinnon could take all the touches and remain healthy. Someone will step up.
  11. I am hoping to grab him around the 3rd/4th round. Pretty spot on with that analogy. He should put up great numbers being the main RB, but hes on the bengals.
  12. As a Steeler fan, I give him almost no chance to be in the black and gold after this year. He might end up have a slow start to the season like last year since he wont be practicing with the team at all.
  13. Hes got great value, only issue is streaming a QB when he has a bad road matchup
  14. Agreed I expect a great season from him, I have even seen him go as late as mid second in some mocks.