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  1. Should I roll with SF D or pick up Ravens D ROS? Ravens playoff schedule looks good...
  2. No mention of possible groin injury... https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/video/nick-chubb-postgame-interview-vs-steelers
  3. Who would you rather have for the playoffs? Wentz playoff schedule looks great but brees is elite... thanks!
  4. Guys, I have enough depth at RB (kamara, fournette, and Gordon) so looking to bolster my WR depth. My current receivers are Evans and Lockett. Am I giving away too much for tyreek? Thanks!
  5. Who would win in this trade? I would only have kamara and Melvin Gordon left as rb if I trade away fournette and Ingram. I’m streaming qbs at the moment so Watson would be an upgrade. Other wrs I have are Evans and Lockett. .5ppr. Thanks.
  6. Who would you rather own? .5ppr! Thanks
  7. Who cares if you are 1 or 8 seed...that means nothing in the playoffs. That’s fantasy football for ya!
  8. I’m enjoying this game stress free since my fantasy season was over last week lol. I feel for those who are about to get a bad start to the week...
  9. Well that was quick. Good luck to those moving on! Better LUCK next year...
  10. I need Conner to score below 2.62 lol!
  11. kamara, Thomas, & luck 1st half. Ware, kittle, Edelman 2nd half. Out of playoffs:(
  12. Man I’m going back and forth between them. I’m leaning towards Ware...
  13. I would go Kirk as well. I’m not so sure about your receivers. DT might be the safest? Good luck!
  14. Who should I start? Kamara and Thomas ruining my chances of getting into the playoffs! Thanks
  15. Should I play Ware over Chubb? .5 PPR... karmara and thomas ruining my chances of making the playoffs!
  16. Sounds like you are in a similar situation as me. Rest of the team bailed me out last week. Here’s to another bailout! Lol
  17. Thomas and kamara...2 weeks in a row. My season likely over now lol