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  1. Lol. Kamara and Thomas killing me but this game is very fun to watch.
  2. Yes. Chubb saved me last week. I need a bounce back game from both! Let’s go!
  3. I need a win to get into the playoffs! I need big games from both kamara and Thomas tonight! Please get me off to a good start!!!
  4. Your team looks better after the trade. Do it!
  5. Very good group to choose from. I vote for Golladay and Edwards in standard scoring.
  6. I would feel most comfortable with a-rob from that group.
  7. I would love to put both in but have kamara and Aaron Jones in as other rbs.
  8. I definitely think Njoku ranks higher rest of the season. I would trade away Moore or howard depending on your depth.
  9. Chubb @ Texans Gus @ Falcons I need to win this week to get into playoffs. Who would you start? Please help! Thanks.
  10. Edwards vs Raiders! Jones vs Vikings! .5PPR Thanks...
  11. Pick 1 please... Gabriel vs jets Tre’Quan smith vs Vikings? .5 PPR. thanks.
  12. Do I burn my #1 waiver on Ito even with Coleman on my roster?
  13. Which 1 of the following combination of players would you prefer to build your team around? A) Brady/Michael Thomas/Jordan howard/Alex collins B ) Brady/Michael Thomas/McCoy/Alfred Morris or Aaron jones C) Brady/Michael Thomas/Edelman/Lamar Miller D) Brady/Michael Thomas/kamara/Aaron Jones or Allen robinson thank you!
  14. Man...I just can’t catch a break this year. First time in 8 years playing FF, I’m about to go to 0-5. My first 3 picks were Johnson, howard, and Collins. 12 team .5PPR
  15. I need a win this week! Don’t want to fall to 0-5. Pick 1 please...1/2 ppr alex collins doug balwin quincy enunwa alfred blue ( Miller sits?) Thanks!
  16. Yeah I would not let Ekeler hold up that deal. Go get OBJ.
  17. This is for 0.5 PPR. Pick 2, please! Allen Robinson Quincy Enunwa Alex Collins Thanks!
  18. I would trade Brown or Cole for either breida or Lindsay. Thanks!
  19. Someone offered me either Julio or Michael Thomas for my David Johnson...which wr should I ask for?