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  1. Ok, I try again: "I could say it evens the field limiting the luck factor in snake draft". Of course I agree about auction.
  2. Maybe is off topic, but I consider the inversion of the snake after round 2 a simple and effective way to (at least try to) compensate the first picks advantage. We have been playing in that way for years, and I could say it evens the field limiting the luck factor.
  3. Thanks to all, now is 8/12 and still we have 10 days to complete it. The best results in all the leagues will win an amazon gift card. Draft is: Sun Oct 20, 8:30 PM CET
  4. Hello! Third year of a Razzball commenter League based in Italy. Redraft. Serious owners needed. Draft time is for Europeans but all are welcome. https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=pz3jg1lzk192lqng&isSubmit=y
  5. Me. In Italy we say: "I did 30, let's make 31!"
  6. So, do we start Horford in weekly leagues (first game on Wednesday, so probably no updates today)? Or I should prefer a boring but solid Cody Zeller?
  7. As I said, probably I'm biased. I noticed this from his years in Minnesota (plus minus and eye test) and I'm still convinced of it. In the last game, to have organized plays in the final minutes instead of hero ball I think it's more merit of his absence than of the presence of Dunn and Portis.
  8. I bought Zach in several leagues, I'm confident he will explode during the holidays! Joking, but the ESPN site is a total joke this year, never again.
  9. Most of them were good shoots. And he saved the day with other stats (as usual), keeps playing a lot of minutes. I'm biased but I cannot avoid to notice that the team without Lavine is playing better. I was ready to let him go sooner or later, now I'm thinking I will enjoy the ride for another couple of weeks, at least. Having a punt fg team helps, he is still the best Holiday if punting fg (21st for the year).
  10. All considered, where do you rank Gallo now from a trade point of view? Of course he is very good in certain punts, but in general would you consider him less, more or equal than: 1 Mirotic 2 Derozan 3 Aldridge 4 Markannen 5 GHarris 6 Siakam 7 Draymond 8 JJJ (Disclaimer: I'm an Italian Gallo owner in a punt fg team so I can be a bit biased :-) )
  11. I'm sure it was no collusion. The last offer was received from one of the owners I know, he also contacted me before accepting and there is no reason to give any advantage to him, it was simply to get Kuzma. The owner was simply convinced that the trades were not bad for his side. As Mobdad said, it was just fun for him, the problem is that his fun was ruining ours.
  12. Never played in a keeper league so I can be a bit out of focus (but I don't think Drummond as a keeper is inferior to the other two). For your team and my evaluation of Drummond, this is A LOT, with him I would try to get one top 100-120 guy that can be good in a punt ft. Drummond in any case is by far the best of the three and probably with a sweetener I would do that.
  13. The deep league makes the 2x1 offer more balanced. And I don't like a lot how KAT fits in your (good) team. Despite this, both Vucevic and Gordon have many downsides, I take KAT.