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  1. He likely won’t be available for most of the 2020 season considering he just got hurt a few weeks ago. Really unlikely that he has any sort of fantasy impact next season.
  2. Out of curiosity, who are you referencing when you say “experts”?
  3. Drake is next year’s Damien Williams. David Johnson isn’t going anywhere in 2020. He’ll also be healthy again. I want nothing to do with that backfield next season. Aaron Jones will be overdrafted next year as well. 16 TDs and less than 1,000 yards rushing? People will be drafting him at his ceiling. I won’t roll the dice on that next season. Ask Kamara owners this year how they felt about him.
  4. I get what you’re saying here but scheme and play calling matter. Coaching maximizes player talent. Seahawks succeed in spite of their coaching. I will be avoiding SEA WRs next year as well. His highs were great but absolutely brutal to confidently depend on this guy.
  5. Yeah was some clown with a fake handle. He’s being evaluated for a concussion. Sucks nonetheless.
  6. DJ ruled out per Schefter... well it was a fun ride boys.
  7. Avoid using high draft capital on RBs that emerge late in the season will continue to be something I follow. Damien Williams again proved that. Thinking of guys like Drake or Mostert this year that may fool people again. Hammer young second and third year WRs. Avoid high pedigree WRs in their first year on a new team.
  8. Tell that to the Kenny G owners during the Thanksgiving game with a straight face.
  9. He really is remarkable. It’s been so fun watching him ball out and crush my opponents souls. Lots of ball left but man it’s gotta feel great for us to have a nice cushion coming out of a Thursday night game.
  10. I’m starting him anywhere I have him. Sucks that it’s a crucial week in fantasy but what are you gonna do. I would rather start him and get burned than get cute starting someone like Snell or Scarbrough over him.
  11. Yup. Have a good feeling about starting him this week.
  12. Both teams had a full week since they played last Thursday. At the very least, neither is coming in off of a short week.
  13. I think Hicks is back. Run game for DAL is going to moving so maybe they end up more pass heavy. In any event yes I am in one league. Funny enough it’s the same league I started him last year in week 14 and he dropped a donut on me. Redemption!
  14. Weren’t the Bucs up 20+ points going into the half. The offense never really got pushed to be aggressive. Ground game working just amplified that.
  15. Almost half the TEs you cited as being useful "when healthy" have not been healthy. Meaning the TE position has been shallow. Meaning the position as a whole has been a pain point for most fantasy managers this season. Caveating your point with health just proves what dashoe and I are saying and makes your argument weak. [...]