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  1. What the hell are you talking about? He was the 2nd highest scoring player in most formats his rookie year.
  2. KC 30 vs Tenn 26 SF 24 vs GB 14 SF 35 vs KC 28
  3. Not buying this till he can stay healthy for a full season. Looks to have the talent but breaks down every year. Taylor Swift would do well on end-arounds.
  4. Niners 35 vs Vikings 21 Baltimore 24 vs Titans 20 Chiefs 28 vs Houston 13 Packers 24 vs Seattle 28
  5. Texans 20 vs Bills 24 Patriots 21 vs Titans 10 Saints 35 vs Vikings 24 Eagles 17 vs Seattle 29
  6. I would only have three defenses for the opening weekend (barring any pre-season post draft news) once the first run of waivers starts I would be dropping one of the 3 for a non-drafted potential breakout. 2) Thats why drafting 3 would give a higher % of hitting on the gem. Tell me two players that you drafted in rounds 11-15 that made a huge impact on your team this season? I drafted Waller in the 12th, other than that all others were off my roster by week 5. That's the point of trying this out, most late round fliers are dropped for breakouts after the first week or two of the season anyways so what is the difference of dropping the Bills D in after week 1 vs some late round lotto ticket that didn't look good? 3) Again, I don't think your grasping what I am saying. The plan would NOT be to hold on to all 3 DST's for 4 weeks, it would be to draft 3, drop on after week 1 and the other after weeks 2-3 depending on performance. For me personally when I draft I tend to not want to drop guys that don't perform for the first 2-3 weeks because I drafted them for a reason and there are plenty of players that go through a down stretch or slow starts. This strategy would help ME make moves earlier to snag those potential "breakouts" that emerge in the first few weeks.
  7. QB: Kyler (Draft) RB: Ekeler (Draft) RB: Gordon (Trade) WR: Hopkins (Draft) WR: Allen (Draft) Flex: M. Sanders(Trade) TE: Wakker (Draft) DST: Pats (WW-Drafted Pitt) Bench: Lockett(Draft) - K. Hunt (Draft)
  8. 1) Well, the first thing I said in my post was i am contemplating trying this NEXT year, not this year. 2) This is sometimes true but has its own issues just ask John Ross, Sammy Watkins and Marquise Brown owners, one big game in week one or two does not mean season long success. 3) Sometimes average Joe's turn into beasts after the first month of the season, Jordan Howard was a good example before he got injured. He put up mediocre numbers the first 3 weeks and then was a solid RB2 for the rest of the season. If you cut bait after week one or two, you would have been kicking yourself. I get you may swap for a Chark or Hyde but you also could have swapped for Ross or Watkins. 4) I know its hard to predict, that's why this strategy could work. I have three eggs in the basket instead of 1 and i can dump those eggs for potential WW breakouts after week 1 or 2. 5) The Patriots were considered by most to have had a top 10 defense coming into this year, don't know where you're getting that from. 6) I really doubt you are comprehending what i wrote. I said that this strategy would help me specifically because i typically don't like to cut guys without seeing 3-4 weeks of performance. For me, I would have an easier time ditching a DST after 1 or 2 mediocre performances vs a guy like Cohen, who we've seen have success but the water is now muddy. I'm not saying everyone should subscribe but having that advantage is worth the risk of missing out on a gem in rounds 10-13 IMO.
  9. 1- Lamar 2- Pats DST 3- Ekler 4- Godwin 5- CMC
  10. I'll report back next year if this works or not but I'm considering drafting 3 defenses next year in the late rounds. Pitt, Baltimore and Buffalo are my targets depending on what they do in the draft and their schedule. For me personally I typically don't make any adds/drops until week 3-4 to ensure I'm not dropping someone that could be useful. This results in me missing out on guys like Brown, Chark, Hyde and Waller cuz they are gone by the time I make moves. After week 1, ill cut one, re-evaluate in week 2 and by week 3 I'll hopefully have the gem. Having the Patriots this year has been such an enormous advantage every week and its an advantage that can't be matched through a waiver wire after the first 3 weeks of the season. I went up against Lamar last week and getting a 10+ point advantage from my DST spot made up for his monster game. Since last week was so high scoring Im betting that the Patriots DST will be on the most championship rosters since Lamars game is going to be offset by the crazy scores we saw last week.
  11. We can just agree to disagree if that is seriously your take. I've seen you go back and forth with multiple posters on here anytime someone disagrees with you so this is just a waste of time at this point. But for fun ill play out your theory, which is laughable. Gruden: Hey Derek, I know Waller is wide open and we've scored 10 pts in two drives by featuring him, but I want to change things up. Derek: What do you mean coach? Gruden: I want you to stop throwing it to him. Derek: Like at all? Gruden: No you idiot, give him like 1-2 more targets but that's it ok? Derek: Coach, he is beating his man every time though... Gruden: Derek, I know that. I'm the coach so just trust me, every time Waller is open, throw it to the RB. Sounds super plausible dude.
  12. What do you think would attribute to that? Probably coverage and defensive scheme correct? SO it would make sense that after the first two drives, the Jags realized that they have to double Waller, which they did and that leads to the Raiders adjusting their play calling as well. Gruden didn't just decide to ignore what was working and try and get the RB's more involved, in game adjustments are thing man.
  13. They had 14 plays in the 3rd qtr, 5 rushes and 9 passes. I don't know where you're getting 8 plays from. They didn't stop throwing, they were fairly balanced all day and leaned a little more on the pass than the run but the Jags had adjusted to stop Waller after he torched them on the first 2 drives that led to 10 points. Outside of the 2nd to last drive where they were trying to kill the clock and win the game (which they would have if the refs didn't screw them and they screwed themselves by throwing on 3rd down) they were throwing more than running, the defense adjusted like they have all season. That's why I think bringing in a talented WR would help Waller more than it would hurt him.
  14. Also, 7 out of the 10 drives they had more pass plays than run plays. 1st drive, 4th drive and 2nd to last drive. The defense adjusted as they have all season.