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  1. As a Bell owner I hope not, that would be the murkiest situation from a fantasy perspective by far. Harris looked good in his debut, hopefully that's enough for Bill.
  2. Agree on the no news being good news, especially for him. I would expect a team to kick the tires in the next 2-3 weeks but if not, it may take a big name going down on a contender before a team will realistically give him a look. I'm still holding but that's largely in part to not having better options on my wire but luckily the majority of my byes are weeks 8 or later so hopefully some news surfaces before then.
  3. I have both and am starting them both this weekend against a terrible Houston Run D that may be without JJ Watt. I heard a stat that the Houston D has given up an average of 160+ yards on the ground since the middle of last year, I think they both eat this weekend!
  4. My best friend is a die hard Steelers fan (grandparents have had season tickets since the 70s) and he did say Claypool was the one making noise in camp along with Highsmith on the defensive side... I was high on Conner with Ben coming back but it was a must imo to have reached for his handcuff (Snell) if he made it to me in the 2nd/3rd. I watched some of McFarlands highlights and there is some potential but I don't see him being fantasy relevant this year on a week to week basis unless both Connor or Snell miss significant time. Snell is the handcuff fantasy managers want but McFarland may see some action in the 2nd half of the season if the Steelers decide to move on from Conner and want to see what they have.
  5. So explosive they had to make him inactive...
  6. Any news on his court hearing today? I can't find anything...
  7. He's an UFA after this season correct?
  8. I think a team will sign him in the next 3-4 weeks (barring no further games), especially if they lose a top end guy. That would give him a month to get familiar with the system and get some practice in. From a fantasy perspective, Its definitely case by case. Last year I drafted and held Hunt till he came back in week 10, I was lucky enough to have a solid squad with little to no injuries so I wasn't put in a position where I had to consider dumping him. That turned into a piece I needed to acquire Miles Sanders and that worked out. I don't see the harm in grabbing him now and stashing him if your team is in the position to do so. Obviously things change week to week but if he does come back and its to the right team it could be the difference maker. If the suspension gets extended further next week then you can cut bait and not really lose much imo.
  9. So he's suspended for the first 8 games of the season but he has a hearing next week on the 15th for his civil suit and the NFL could potentially lengthen that suspension. I just added him with the anticipation of dropping him next week if the suspension goes further than 8 games. With the COVID-19 dilemma and the potential for more injuries this year with no pre-season and limited training camp I could see a team signing him if the hearing goes well and/or a WR goes down on a contender. I think its worth a speculative add before the news wave hits depending on league size and bench depth.
  10. Missed: DK, Gurley, Conner, Jonu Smith, David Johnson- Miss Clicked for L. Bell Got: Ingram/Dobbins Stack, Kupp & Mack
  11. Yeah I took a flier back in Feb as one of the spots that made sense for land Brady, now they just need to win Seems to be about once every 3-5 years... 2017 Eagles were 7-9 in 2016, maybe the packers in 2011, Steelers in 2008 and yeah both Giants teams. I didn't go back and look at all but would imagine they were right around the 9.5-10.5 line, probably less for the Eagles and 07 Giants.
  12. All that means is they think 50% of the betting population believes they will win 10 games, while the other 50% thinks they will win 9. All they care about is getting equal weight on both sides of a number so they can collect the juice. But as someone who has a 50-1 ticket on them, I hope Tom gets #7 this year!
  13. What site are you mocking on? I haven't had jones come anywhere near my 2nd round pick on ESPN. After going through about 10 mocks today I'm going 1 of 2 ways in my 12 team league: Way 1: 1-Zeke/Barkley 2-Kelce or Kittle 3-Gurley 4-Connor or Cupp 5-Cupp or Keenan or DK 6) Deebo/Crowder Way 2: 1-Zeke/Barkley 2-Hill/Gurley 3-Gurley/Connor 4-Cupp/Allen 5-Allen or DK 6) Waller or KMurray or Dwatson (only got him once though) After pick 17 or 18 this year there is nothing at RB and I'm not wild about the WR's besides Hill who I only got 2/10 times. I'll probably get torched for drafting both Gurley and Connor but I can handcuff Conner with Snell for cheap and if I get 10 good games out of Gurley I think I will be able to maneuver. I never go TE or QB early but am open to it this year because i think its going to be a cluster **** regardless so figured I might as well try some new stuff out.