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  1. Bonnafide stud. Worth the third round pick! Good bye jones till next season. My league mates won’t let him slide in the draft no more.
  2. Damn that was pretty high for jones. I was so glad to find him in the third. Its been a huge roller coaster ride but he won me my championship today 😭. Its been a long 3 years
  3. Lamar Jackson got him in the 11th cmc first round pick 1:4 and my guy my ride or die. Aaron MF Jones! Drafted him in the 3rd. These guys carried me along with Chris Carson got him in the 5th
  4. I think jones is going to bounce back he has too! He will do it. We will win our title.
  5. 😪 man I’m full of anxiety Tgat aaron jones fumble didn’t help me at all 😭
  6. Yes 7 gotta aim high! He needs to have a big game if the packers want any chance of winning the division. The story will be Packers lose to Minnesota with only giving a.jones 3 targets. The media will have a field day.
  7. This is a tough one I’d go with Aaron jones. I hope you win dude!
  8. Yeah i looked back to 2018 and he had 78 plus a touchdown at Minnesota. I really do hope he gets at least 7 receptions. His last 4 out of 6 games he’s had 4 targets or less 😐 it’s clear this coach just hates scheming pass plays for him
  9. How’s the community feeeñing about him today? [...] I really hope Matt lefleur doesn’t go away from him and gives him plenty of targets. It seems like in games like these he stops play calling passes to him
  10. Thank you, any reason you lean Bailey instead of Crosby? Not to confident on this game myself i feel it might be lower scoring
  11. I’d go diggs. He has the higher ceiling thanks for your help
  12. I would try Lazard. It’s a Hail Mary. I really hope you win dude! Best of luck.
  13. Adams, vikings defense hasn’t been that great this yr. help with mine?
  14. Im up by 3 points in a full PPR championship. I have A.jones and M.boone. Who should i start? I need a high ceiling play. My opponent has D.adams. Also i have M.crosby and D.bailey which kicker should i start. I was thinking. Crosby in case adams scores Crosby could soften the blow with a pat. What do you think? It’s going to be a rough one today 😐