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  1. This whole season has been a s**t Show!! Started the year at 4-0 Week 2 i lost Paris Campbell for the season. week 3 dj chark misses a whole week of practice and is ruled out Week 4 cam Newton is one of the first players to get diagnosed with Covid. week 5 My first Loss had 5 players on bye smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ week 6 just bad management left swift on my bench and he had 27 pts oh and mixon gets hurt week 7 traded for MT (before it was announced that he had a hamstring Injury) cam Newton literally died on the field -0.18 points Week 8 Carson wentz took a dump VS the easiest match up Dallas. I lose by 9 pts Week 9 4 players on bye Tom Brady dies on the field 2 F****** points. Week 10 i was up by 8 with A.rob left VS his thielen. Thielen goes off and Arob has his lowest scoring game yet. not to mention i got a turd from MT and Wentz Week 11 Still No mixon, start Gio Burrow goes down so you know all bengals are now 🗑 oh and did i mention d swift out with a concussion after his breakout game smfh not to mention i was up by 15 points!!!! I felt good since i had brady going but then R.Woods goes off for 30 points. and I’m up .20 by the 2:00 warning with Brady leading the comeback and what happens!?!? A F****** Int at the end of the game. I lose by 1 point 🤯🤬😤 This is probably payback for winning the league last year. and that’s the end of my 2020 season
  2. Starting him for the rest of the season. Schedule looks great and if he’s getting this many targets you can feel safe starting him
  3. [...] Hopefully they can give him the same kind of production against the Steelers as he did the last Steelers game
  4. So happy to see this. Next year he’s going to be solid! Definitely going to try to grab him next year. gibson, swift and dobbins these rb will have huge seasons next year
  5. Not a terrible game but not a good one either with burrow out i doubt he’s startable
  6. Just dropped him in my 12 team league i have Gio. Not worth rostering everyone do the same hes a waste of a roster spot. Unless of course you have an ir spot. My league doesn’t so cut him loose
  7. 12 interceptions 9 fumbles yup drop this guy he’s not winning you any weeks not worth the gamble