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  1. Probably 14-9 with good stocks and percentages while Bags and Fox out
  2. Just the vikes being the home favorite, lean bailey, and better kicker matchup
  3. The bot algo sets up nicely when there's only 1 bot vs. 15 owners in a live auction for contrarian drafting, or so it seems. Idk it got him Lamar, Zeke, Gordon. But yeah, it is pretty weak 😂
  4. Last year Saquon and Gurley, this year Lamar, Zeke and Melvin
  5. agreed. Commish didn't finish writing his own rule. lol
  6. 0.5 ppr. I am down 45 and looking out. I have Davante and either Aaron Jones, or Mike Boone. Which RB paired with Davante gives me the highest ceiling for points?
  7. ok I found the section he wrote on it, pre draft: "Auto Drafting Is Not Allowed for a Majority of the Draft If you value the skills of a bot over your own have no place in the GFFL. However, after a manager has significantly exhausted his draft budget (>$10) or has manually rostered 11 players they may use AI to complete the draft. If you lose connectivity during the draft that will be acceptable. Any manipulation or foul play suspected will result"
  8. Commish wrote that in too. Said disconnections and late round absence with 10% budget or less remaining is allowed.
  9. No, the commissioner wrote it in this year. However, didn't act on it. and dude won it again, so i am wondering if anyone has a legitimate grievance
  10. Yeah, bot drafting better, and then this dude talks **** and collects money. In a league full of friends, and bragging rights is king, and this dude acting like he did something special or deserving of kudos.