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  1. With injuries, I'm starting him. Hoping for 8-10pts.
  2. Just traded for him this past week and I feel pretty terrible out this situation right now... I just didn't think Fournette would immediately come back and basically be 50% off the backfield and get ALL of the passing work... ugly situation.
  3. Should of had 2-3 TDs in this game.. One formation penalty brought back the Davis TD, Kroft trips himself on what would of been a 55 yard TD, and Beasley was out of bounds by the pylon for another would be TD.. That aside their red zone offense was struggling a bit.. Should have some positive TD regression coming up...
  4. I don't like it, Marvin Jones is droppable at this point.
  5. I probably do it, Conner is the man in Pitt. Chubb is great but Hunt is there.. I hated owning him late last season..
  6. JuJu seems irrelevant on Pittsburgh right now and seems be maybe 3rd-4th option in the WR pecking order. Slayton seems to be a top target on NY but they stink and Jones isn't very good. Would you jump ship off JuJu? WHIR
  7. Thought I was getting good value in the 4th.. Huge bust. He's irrelevant in their offense, a complete JAG.
  8. I made a deal straight up for Ronald Jones. I think I did OK considering the market.. Guys just don't want to give up an Aaron Jones even though Ridley is a top WR right now.
  9. This is tough.. I'm going Mahomes side. Drake is at his floor right now, bigger games have to come soon. Hunt is banged up, they kinda got exposed and Chubb is coming back eventually. Big Ben can lean on the run and defense more.
  10. No one has a lot of RB depth, I could try for Ronald Jones but not sure his owner would go for it. Gurley is an option but meh... No way I can get an Aaron Jones , Mixon maybe but he plays Pitt 2x and has an upcoming bye... I like Jonathan Taylor possibly but he's on bye this week..