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  1. I've had Wentz in the past few weeks and he's done the job. But Dallas matchup worries me, played like trash vs them earlier this year. Will it be different in Phily? Fitz is a wildcard to me, could go crazy fitzmagic or just be mediocre... and possible weather issues. What you think? WHIR
  2. I have 49ers but I'm wondering if Atlanta at home vs JAGs is a good sneaky play?
  3. I'd insert Perriman for the player you like the least among your WR, Flex.
  4. I'm benching him most likely.. just having flashbacks to that thanksgiving game...
  5. Brees is playing like a God so I wouldn't take him out here.. you can't go wrong with Dak in this spot either but it is a road Div game. Good problem to have.
  6. Jameis Nuk/Adams Jones/Mack, although Sanders has been very good lately.. If they go down though I think their other back gets more involved. Hollister plays Zona, not DAL -- he's a good play here Denver D
  7. I like the first 4 as well. Lindsay has been meh..
  8. Perriman, that Vikings backfield is a crap shoot right now.. and will probably change mid-game.
  9. Chark and Miller, I'm benching Kenny G this week..