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  1. Mahomes Hilton Evans D Johnson Carson Kittle Maher Minnesota pop the cork gentlemen! 🍾🥂🥃🍻
  2. I agree, KC dynamic offense > plodder J Williams
  3. Haven’t really watched much GB THIS YEAR so not sure what to expect re utilization of RB...what I do know is AZ is God awful
  4. Carson did have some nice ppr numbers last week, if Penny is out, roll with him.’s-game-day-carson-david-johnson-j-williams-pick-2/
  5. Julio is the play here...Cooper may have a rebound after last weeks disaster, but come on Julio is the top WR don’t overthink it.’s-game-day-carson-david-johnson-j-williams-pick-2/
  6. I agree, Baker is the obvious play if Hopkins out...’s-game-day-carson-david-johnson-j-williams-pick-2/
  7. fWIW, I’m pumped my opponent went with Rivers over Mayfield...I totally would have went with Mayfield. I’ve considered Watson over Mahomes, I think Mayfield and Watson will produce similar numbers but I’d lean Mayfield due to home field and the Bengals...
  8. I took DJ at #2 PPR FWIW. In that case, I go best available in 2/3.
  9. Do folks consider going stud WRs in this position and try to find value at RB later???