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  1. Those 1-8 lines with a steal with 3 rebounds is gonna be something serious.
  2. Apart from the missed games, kinda been meh lately. Confident he picks it back up tho.
  3. Nurkic is Nurkic with his healing history and Collins is going to dethrone Carmelo ( whoever still happens to be owning him ). Not really worried. The only thing stopping Whiteside is health and his play on the court.
  4. Oh no you're right. Ariza's skills are on par with Jokic over the years. My bad for the slip up.
  5. He's even pudgy / fat . * Cough *. I mean, run don't walk.
  6. It's gonna be a challenge moving that contract. Hahaha. Yeah. Probably in late March / early April when his restrictions are off, which fantasy will be over for most. Yup. But this just contradicting your first point. Every GM knows who Hassan Whiteside is.
  7. Thought about packaging him + LaVine for Towns. But that might be a tad too much. Just gonna ride this out and pray he doesn't injured.
  8. I'll be surprised he's available around 60th in competitive leagues. He should smash the top 50.
  9. Never in my wildest dreams I thought he will continue these steals output, but it continues every game.
  10. Yeah... No. Yeah it's pretty much been that way since LeBron formed the position-less Heat team. That part I agree with. No because it's sh*tty. I know Popovich is on the edge of insanity, but he was right about the 3 point shot not being real basketball. I kinda think he said that also so Kawhi Leonard would dominate more than he already was, but still doesn't change the point. I digress though. We're on a fantasy forum.