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  1. As far as today right this very moment, I prefer Kawhi or Durant. All around players; no weaknesses besides health. LeBron still the best power player. But you have to surround him with snipers and defenders willing to play on the perimeter.
  2. As someone who really knows nothing about MJ Bulls beyond a few highlights and documentary snippets here and there, The Last Dance really helped me put in perspective. Glad they're showing this. I still favor LeBron though. I grew up on LeBron. Kinda hard for a mid 20 - early 30 year old fan to say otherwise.
  3. Duncan for me. Didn't even gave it a second thought. The way he makes all them shots using the glass gets me everytime when I was little.
  4. Jordan's greatest game - The Flu game. But the OG's would probably come up with a better game. LeBron's greatest game - “We broke Lebron”- Kevin Garnett. Game 6 2012 ECF.
  5. Jason Terry deserved as much credit in that series. Definitely a scar on LeBron's legacy. But redemption against OKC. Go right on ahead and mention Spurs lol. Kawhi and Ginobili missed game clinching free throws back to back and RAY ALLEN FOR 3! Rip that heart out!
  6. I remember bantering with Bulls fans between 2010-2014. They thought they returned to glory and will beat the Heat with Carlos Boozer. Those were the days.
  7. This is true too. Shaq: Kobe, there's no "I" in team. Kobe: I know, but there's a "Me" in that muthaf*cka. Shaq: Hey Rick, just grab the rebounds. He's not passing. 😆 Hurry up playoffs 😫
  8. Championships are a team achievement. Next thing you know, Robert Horry would be anointed as the GOAT. * Don't give ESPN any filler ideas *.
  9. The thing that always irk me is LeBron over-exaggerated / flopping on occasions. Trying to manipulate the ref. He doesn't need to do that. But I still consider him the GOAT since I grew up watching him. LeBron is freaking 35 years old and still the best power player in the league ( sorry Giannis and Westbrook ).
  10. No one on this planet can really guard Kevin Durant. Just hope for help defense; containment. Hope he misses the shot. Well, Beverley thought he was doing something, but yeah... Not a soul.
  11. Neither. I'll deploy Kawhi Leonard. Especially on the perimeter. But to give an input, Jordan. Even though I was too young to watch Bulls Jordan, I've seen more than enough LeBron. LeBron hasn't been his best defensively like around 7 years now. Not that he's a bad defender, it's to preserve mileage because of age. But having that, he was having a helluva season.
  12. Still buying up all the toilet paper. If this carries on past the Summer time, I might have to do something to someone or someone ending up doing something to me ( don't care how it goes ) over some toilet paper. This is silly.
  13. Smh. That's why he's just being referred as a Orange. It's embarrassing and uncomfortable. Our two main choices were him or a woman. I think a talking Parrot would've been the best choice. I wish I was joking.
  14. It's up to the people to listen to the leader here in the US to get things back to normal. Most are selfish by nature and the leader is a Orange. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Those two combinations are more than enough to be fearful.
  15. California stepping up. Demanding people to stay inside. It's not difficult to understand. Everyone should be lucky we still have Free Will. Use it correctly.