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  1. The Heat are so going to the Finals. Crank up that thermostat on these fools!
  2. I hope you've made a mistake and meant to put the Bucks instead of Pacers in that sentence. Or reverse psychology / sarcasm lol.
  3. * Itching to put the Heat in the Finals. But until they show they can get around the Celtics, no mas. I love how they match up with the Bucks tho. Very doable. But I think I flip flop the Celtics & Raptors series a few times. Smh. That's gonna be a slobber-knocker. * Regardless of Westbrook's status, IMO OKC is better than Houston. That should be a good 6 to 7 game series. The rest seems pretty predictable. Which means some weirdness will happen. This gonna be suffocating.
  4. I feel like the media really pumping the Blazers for some time now. Mainly because everyone loves them some Dame ( for good reason ). Eh. Lakers should dispatch them in no more than 5 games IMO. But this bubble is weird. We'll see.
  5. And the Grizzlies are really bad too haha. This is bullsh*t. But that's life.
  6. Ah damn. I feel for Suns fans'. That's gotta hurt.
  7. Hot take: Jimmy Butler is better than TJ Warren. Lmao at the Pacers yo. They actually think this is/was a rivalry or whatever. Arrivederci, trash.
  8. Michael Porter Jr. has been injured his whole time playing ball. I get it. But everyone and their grandma saw his profile and begging not to pass on him. You hate to see it.
  9. Kevin Harlan is the greatest announcer in the history of sports. I wish that was just a opinion / hyperbole.
  10. I mean... This AAU atmosphere fits into T.J. Warren's AAU repertoire perfectly lol. Respect.
  11. This diversity is refreshing. Elite teams: Bucks Clippers Lakers Good teams: Raptors Celtics Heat Rockets Nuggets Jazz Pacers Thunder Sixers Mavericks That clutter of good teams can beat one another any night. Plus with this neutral floor setting, it's a who's who in the playoffs. I'm liking this. Needed a break from the super team domination.
  12. Even a groundhog comes up from its hole every once in awhile.
  13. Can they beat the Lakers in a series. I think so. Very doable. Can they beat the Clippers in a series? No IMO. I loathe the Rockets though. Westbrook kinda ease some of the torture watching them. I find myself liking his game again. Especially with Morey unlocking him. But I hope they lose every night.