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  1. You didn't address my point. I said Leonard William's replacement would be better than him and you told me all about the Jets' linebackers. Maybe if i typed it in a goof'ormat you'd preeeeesh it more.
  2. Yeah these Wednesday Night Football matchups are usually ugly. Fading Sanders big time tonight.
  3. Dude saw the highest snap count of any RB last week. Doesn't profile as a workhorse back, but Miami has nothing else behind him. He's been a great receiver dating back to college, so he even if he averages 45 rushing yards a game he should be catching 3-4 passes at least. Also, going forward Miami has a stupid easy schedule. They might even mess around and end up with a few W's. Game script won't be as big of an issue against Jets x2, Buffalo, Cleveland, NYG and Cincy.
  4. ROS he'll have some blowups and some duds. If you can live with that reality you have yourself a rock solid flex.
  5. It's not about the organization wanting a milestone for AP -- that's ridiculous. Bill Callahan is an NFL dinosaur and an interim coach looking to win games. He's trying to secure a permanent position. Peterson has looked good since the coaching change. BC's not gonna hand a workhorse role to a 2nd-year player who is always injured/hasn't proven squat. Best you could hope for would be a three man committee once Thompson returns. The offense is barely competent enough to support one fantasy RB let alone three.
  6. Players don't get more healthy as the season goes on. I'm thankful I only drafted Gurley in one league. If you don't have him, don't start now.
  7. He's gonna be fine. WR2 in PPR leagues. He will be either a little bit better or a little bit worse with Finley in. Hard to be much worse than Dalton has been, and possibility remains that Finley will be better.
  8. AP's looked pretty good since BC took over. Averaging 4.8 YPC with 91 YPG. When Guice gets healthy he will have a role, but far and away the most likely scenario is that AP is the lead back. He's a freak of a human so good luck betting on him getting injured/being significantly slowed by an ankle sprain. Guice is worth a speculative add if you have the room but I wouldn't be running to get him.
  9. People talking about Mosley and Williams like they've made a contribution this year. Mosley is great but has barely played, so his injury doesn't move the needle. Leonard Williams has been putrid this season. What on earth will the Jets do without his 8 solo tackles through 7 games? They will be better without him, maybe whoever replaces him in the lineup will produce a little bit.
  10. Reminds me of a poor man's Zac Stacy circa 2013 (Miami is much worse than St. Louis was). Should have some flex appeal down the stretch.
  11. They really fed him the ball today and he was close to having a bigger stat line. Had a series where he received back-to-back end zone targets. One was badly behind him/low but still almost got to it. He's a strong WR2. Somewhere in the 14-20 range.
  12. I'm not expecting a big game for Diggs, but an obvious positive is that he's far and away the #1 target and should command a huge share of the targets with Thielen out.
  13. Obvious stock rising scenario. I trust NE to put Sanu in position to succeed more than ATL did. They will get the most out of him. WR3 with WR2 upside.
  14. Thanks for the obligatory Simpsons meme that doesn't match what you quoted