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  1. Niners did not need him against LA and Aiyuk still came away with a TD on limited touches. If 10 was a golden goose lotto ticket stash -- he's a solid 7. Basically has looked good every time touching the ball in his short NFL career. Been playing with a mix of backups and gimpy Jimmy G so it's not fair to say we've seen his true fantasy profile on display. If my league had a larger bench it wouldn't be a question of keeping him. As things stand I have a tough decision to make -- can't fault anyone who's holding for dropping if they need to.
  2. I know you're just playing around but this energy blows -- get your bad vibes outta here! Cooks is on a tear, and while he won't sustain this pace he's absolutely going to remain fantasy viable. His floor should be pretty safe in a high scoring game against the Packers, and he has demonstrated his ceiling over the past couple of games.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I totally understand that and agree. He will score TD's this year though. The three he has already will not be all he ends up with. He's a WR3/4 with TD upside. This week against the Titans is a spot that I'm more comfortable with.
  4. Are you seriously gonna stan this hard for Alshon? "Fulgham" has looked great, is healthy and not aging and constantly hurt like Jeffery. They can both start, but I'd hitch my wagon to the young stallion and not the aging dude trying to just get on the field.
  5. Hey let's not act like JuJu's been A.J. Green or anything. Dude has a 25 point fantasy effort under his belt and was averaging 17.6 points after three games. His role is garbage and he's a massive bust for where we drafted him but there's still ROS value here. People are getting too emotional -- including me earlier in this thread. JuJu's a high ceiling, low floor Flex option this week. If you need the win I'd roll with him, if you need safe points look elsewhere.
  6. If real life football is won in the trenches, fantasy football is won in the mind...trenches 🤷‍♂️ I'm struggling. I started the season 3-0 thanks largely to Alvin Kamara being incredible, then rested on my laurels and now staring at a 3-3 record thanks to a recent skid. I'm not doing enough to make my team a contender, and the stuff I am doing is too often stuff like listening to hype threads and roto blurbs. It's time to switch my perspective up, focus in on what I can control (waiver pick ups and sound start/sit moves), and take a few risks cause there's not much to lose now.
  7. I'm not saying he will or should cause any conflict. It's human nature to want to produce and succeed at your position. Just last week there was this article: Basically Big Ben was worried about JuJu's mental state after only catching 4 balls against Philly. Now only 6 yards last week? Coming up in a game where his services are likely to be needed I believe JuJu will be given some extra looks. That's all.
  8. He is a major reason why I've lost these past two weeks. If he continues to put up 5-12 points a week I'd rather not have the temptation of starting him.
  9. My instinctive reaction was to bench him, but I've since moved JuJu back to my starting lineup. Can't blame anyone for sitting him -- but the matchup is perfect. I'm going down with the ship. If he busts this weekend I'll send him to the waiver wire
  10. He has smashed these past two weeks. 17 catches on 21 targets for 249 yards and two TD's. Keep him rolling and active in your lineup. Cooks has solidified high-end WR3 status and has blow up potential on the weekly. Just gotta deal with some duds here and there
  11. The time for benching JuJu should have been the last two weeks in obvious blowout games. I can't sit him this week against the Titans. They're bleeding points to opposing WR's and are good enough to get in a shootout with Pittsburgh. I bet we see some articles this week about getting JuJu more involved, squeaky wheel treatment etc...
  12. So you think he's gonna keep putting up less than 5 receiving yards? Top 5 WR ROS is wishful thinking, but at least it has some basis in reality moving forward unlike your points in this thread.
  13. Maybe he's banged up and needs to sit or gets traded to the Pats or something. He's better than this but tough to imagine more than WR3/4 unless drastic change of usage or change of scenery
  14. If you started him you're official a genius but I'm happy enough to have held on. He looked good and was making old school A.J. Green catches in traffic. Bengals are gonna be throwing a bazillion times a game so if he can stay healthy and keep working on the chemistry with Burrow he should have a nice 2nd half of the season.
  15. Lock's thrown 38 passes this season and all of them came when Sutton was still playing. I'm rolling with Tim Patrick this week -- he's got a safe looking floor and Denver should be losing and passing giving him a nice ceiling too.