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  1. Russel. no doubt. he should have double digit assists all season long. he should have a down in rebounds but not assists
  2. in a 9cat League you can't pick him at 1 in my opinion... but, in every format, is a top3 or top5 fo sure. no discussion. ok, many things are changed in Okc...but there is a chance (a little one) he can almost replicate last year lines. end if he does... you will regret forever your decision to skip him
  3. if you don't like KD, go for KAT. but I'm not sure how much he is valuable in points league
  4. KD. Definitely. but I'm not sure he will go down to 4th pick. maybe someone can draft him earlier
  5. in my opinion, if you drafted Giannis, it would be a crime to trade him away. I expect a big year for him! i prefer the second.. I would do almost everything possibile to acquire KAT.
  6. Hi!

    I'm an italian fantasy games huge fan. me and my friends started with fantasy soccer (of course), our Fantacalcio. I've been playing it since late nineties. in the last years we discovered  Espn fantasy leagues and I'm mad about fantasy basket right now.  I see that you play in leagues counting DD and TD.. can I ask you an advice? 


    we play in league using a strange format. 

    12 teams 15 categories H2H most categories, weekly 

    categories are the usual plus PF TF FF Ejections TD and DD


    when i look for advices or tips I only cand find 8 categories or 9 categories rankings.


    of course TD changes almost everything if you have Russel or target Giannis and others.

    but also DD is a big factor i think.


    So... if I look at the rankings how do I have to evaluate them?

    could you tell me which players in your opinion I have absolutely to target in this specific format?


    thank you

    Lorenzo :-)


  7. crowder! but it's a bet. I m not sure he will continue to start at Pf. and even if he does, how many will he touch the ball?