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  1. Hey, I have three experienced dynasty players looking to all join a league with extremely deep minors systems. Do you have three spots available, and if so, can you send me a link to more rule details.
  2. This is a 3 year old dynasty league on fantrax that is looking to replace one owner out of 16. 21 active mlb, 7 reserve with a 24 player farm system. Weekly h2h with 6x6 categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS / K, QS, ERA, WHIP, SV, HLD. We are looking for dedicated owners in for the long haul. Team that is vacant finished 1st in offense last year and 14th in pitching, 7th overall qualifying for playoffs, so in a great position. 4 round slow draft each offseason with draftees and intl signings along with free agents. Roster highlights: Realmuto, Rizzo, Gleyber, Rendon, Adames, Blackmon, Pham, Yelich, Judge, Daz Cameron/ Leake, Maeda, C Martinez, Toussaint, Teheran, Hirano, etc. Full roster attached in spreadsheet. Team name is Atlanta Braves Message me or leave email address if interested. Serious owners only please. Fantrax-players-Hall Of Fame Federation-ATL.pdf
  3. i can take two teams. Send invites to: &
  4. sorry, you gave away the spot. I needed three so we could go in together. We're out.
  5. Myself and two friends can take the three remaining teams. Can the four new teams do a supplemental draft to choose from the abandoned team pools? Their existing salaries can still count. That way we can have more of a connection to the players since we will have chosen them. Also, you don't just get to come in and pick up harden, lillard and giannis without doing anything.