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  1. We all met that kind of owners who try to trade the player they intend to drop later like he is a unique diamond, there is no way you can trade with those guys with a trade you both win. Bettet let them wait before they hit you with another stupid trade
  2. Depends on the league, if everyone else stash one, you're going to end up left with garbage when you need to stream. Stashing an unproven young QB can be also nicely rewarding, when you stash someone like Mahomes in his sophomore season, or Herbert this year
  3. That was definitely not uncatchable, the ball went through his 2 hands
  4. Which is it ? Because I really doubt he will be a failure, but high rb2/low rb1 is completely within the realm of the possible
  5. Yeah clearly DJ doesn't trust him, nevermind the stats of the previous 4 weeks, only the last game matters
  6. thing is, packers can afford to bench Adams for 2 games and still end up 4-0. The falcons on the other hand...
  7. the snap count will look normal at the end of the game but the target count is way lower than it should be
  8. wow a target for ridley, the 2nd one since the first drive
  9. Yup, already owned him a couple times and i know i'm way too optimistic after he won me the league 4 or 5 season ago
  10. Traded for mixon for peanuts after week 3 and kept him on the bench hoping david johnson was going to light up the vikes.
  11. Need 19.7 from Mark Andrews in ppr, let's hope the big boi gets a big game ! What do you guys need?
  12. You means both teams are actually going to field nfl defenses?
  13. yeah but that's not saying he'll not finish in the top 12 come season end. Right now everybody should be salivating at that viking matchup and if it's your belief that he'll receive too much attention from defenses, it'll be the perfect time to sell high.