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  1. Marlon Humphrey has been on a tear lately, and will likely shadow the Bengals best threat. If that's AJG's return it'll be a tough matchup. Idk if Ross & Boyd are playing though
  2. Isn't Roquan Smith also out ? Because the bears allowed quite a few points from the Minnesota RB last game, so i guess i'm trotting Jacobs out Edit : Smith and Hicks were missing against Minnesota and the run defense was still pretty good, so i guess i'm back to my hesitation
  3. 107 yards on 18 carries (5.94 ypc) 1 rushing TD, 7 targets 3 rec for 28 yards = 22.50 in PPR you call that shut down? Bills D allowed Bell to score 23.2, and Saquon 22.5. And honestly the Jets & Giants aren't that far of the Bengals
  4. Next week should be much better against a Bills D not that good against the run. Will have to monitor his health status leading up to the game, but i'm looking to start him.
  5. Same as itschief, 2nd game in the NFL it's a blowout and he still musters 10 points ? If that's the floor i'm stoked
  6. There are 2 options : A the offense is abysmal, in that case he will get playtime but in an abysmal offense. Is that really tempting ? B the offense is decent, and then he won't get much playtime at all.
  7. I guess one of those two team knew why they were getting rid of Mc Coy. Running against TB was hard, and cmc played 60% of his snaps in pass protection (if not more) because Carolina's OL was porous as f---. TB's defensive game plan was on point against CMC, as illustrated by the 4th & 1 late in the 4th quarter. I don't have the stats, but i think if you add all the plays were Carolina ran a 21/22 personnel, you end up with negative yardage.
  8. It matters as much as CMC & Barkley first game stats i'd guess
  9. I'm up 2.8 with Josh Jacobs & Fuller to play against the broncos D & Sanders. I'm expected to win so i'll most likely lose.
  10. I don't know in what dimension you are right now, but in our dimension Gio is Mixon's backup. His backup contract certainly doesnt say otherwise and the injury Mixon suffered yesterday also contributes to that feeling. The bengals offense being "that good" against the seahawks defense is certainly a excellent news for the Mixon owners
  11. Idk why you quoted me to post your video, but if you looked at the game it really didn't contradict what i wrote. He's fighting for wr3/4 spot against Dorsett & DT (when he comes back from injury), Edelman so far got the the chemistry and the 2 rb are ahead.of him in target. The patriots struggled to establish their run game yesterday and if i'm not mistaken his 4 target came in the last 40 yards (not really the red zone though). Now it all depends if you feel or not he'll be leapfrogged by Brown or not in the depth chart. If he can keep up with the nfl rythm, and Brown f***s up, he might end up wr2 in that offense. Good luck predicting his next 7 weeks of scoring, the defenses he faces are terrible, the Patriots will probably run over all those teams. Usually the pats struggle @ miami and Xavien Howard will probably shadow him when he'll be on the field.
  12. Game is out of reach, let's give some time to Jones
  13. It's funny how when you look at active qb almost none of the successful ones were thrown in too early. Mayfield, his 3 int and disgracious loss against a scary Titans team is surely an example to follow for the giants team, thanks for the laugh
  14. Yeah, rookie thrown in prematurely have a good history of succeeding in the league. All the good young qbs were thrown in week 1 for their team
  15. The giants secondary is a reconstruction in progress, and the rest of the defense is not really good