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  1. I think he also got some (or at least 1) redzone looks this last game as well.
  2. Well said as this is my exact situation. He was a WW add for me so, I already had good WR's that I drafted (M Thomas, Diontae Johnson, Tyler Boyd, DJ Chark). It's a nice problem to have but, it can be a challenge trying to figure out which ones to start. So, saying "start your studs" is too generic of a statement.
  3. And that Oline has been decimated by injuries this year. They are only now starting to get some pieces back healthy.
  4. I sooo want to start him but, I don't think I can risk it without knowing how they will really use him. If I wasn't in such a tight spot to make the playoffs then I might.
  5. This signing initially got me concerned but, with Clement being put on the COVID list, I agree, I think this was a depth signing.