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  1. It would give me pause taking him over proven guys but, I think I would in my league (14 team, 2 keeper, full ppr). I could keep CEH longer plus, there's also question marks about the other guys: Kamara - QB situation could change next year, Cook - possible holdout, Henry - not used in the passing game.
  2. I think that's what makes him so special. He had a great rookie season despite bad QB play and no one to keep the opposing D's honest. If the offense or QB play improves, then IMHO, the sky's the limit for this kid.
  3. The only hype that helped me was Cooper Kupp. He faded some but overall a good season considering where I got him. I got burned buying into the hype regarding David Montgomery and OJ Howard. Justice Hill got some hype but, it didn't burn me because I picked him up later. Fortunately, I worked the waiver wire well and while the start of my season was a disaster, I recovered well and finished 3rd in a 14 team league.
  4. Unless he gets traded or a new coach comes in, nope.
  5. Josh Allen - maybe not a breakout as he was solid this year but, I think he continues to develop into a star Terry McLaurin - Scary to think about what he could do next year with competent QB play Miles Sanders TJ Hockenson Justice Hill
  6. Full ppr, need Michael Thomas and Jacoby Brissett to get me 61 points!
  7. Tough call. I like the Tannehill/Brown stack. But, I like Sanders vs WAS this week. Jordan Howard is not expected back and Boston Scott got some run last week only because Sanders left briefly due to cramps/dehydration. He did play well but, I think Sanders retains the bulk of the carries. Gallup and Parker are also solid plays but, I'm leaning towards Sanders.
  8. QB: Winston has a good matchup but, I would get Brissett as backup WR: Hopkins and Adams RB: Jones and Sanders TE: Higbee Flex: My rank is AJ Brown, Washington (if Jacobs is out), Slayton, Beckham DEF: Buffalo
  9. I don't think you'd be crazy for sitting Jones. That is a really tough matchup against the 49ers. I think Landry vs ARI is good as well as Mostert vs ATL is also a good start.
  10. Thanks for the replies. It's so hard to choose because an argument for and against could be made for all of them. Brissett and Allen have gotten me this far so, I think I'm leaning towards rolling with Brissett this week since NO's D has gotten weaker as they've lost Davenport and Rankins.
  11. My rank: 1. Hollister (He's getting consistent targets) 2. Thomas (If Greg Olsen is out) 3. Njoku (Hard to feel confident since he just returned)
  12. I need help chosing a QB this week. Brissett vs NO J Allen vs PITT Rivers vs MIN Minshew vs OAK
  13. Sanders had to leave the game to be treated for cramping and dehydration issues. He returned later but, Scott was running wild by then.
  14. Did I miss something? Is Kupp injured? I tuned in late but, I haven't seen Kupp in the game.