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  1. He also had a guy go down at the 1 or 2 yard line. Could have had 2 more TDs if things broke his way. But I'm more than happy with his performance over the last few weeks. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Russ may not be the guy that goes for 40 points but you're not going to lose your matchup because of him.
  2. Depends on the league. In my 12 team, they get traded all the time. There is no point in keeping both of those guys rostered passed the bye weeks unless you are just stacked everywhere else.
  3. Not to mention, if Mixon misses extended time that after this week the Bengals have some pretty great matchups. Gio is generally a plug and play RB2+. I would put him in the top tier of stashes/handcuffs.
  4. Maybe, but if I've got shares of Mixon, I'm dropping my kicker or WR5/TE2 for Gio if he's available. Without knowing what exactly happened, there is no way to gauge if it's a multi-week injury or minor. Given that he's had knee trouble in the past and just had surgery, it is reasonable to speculate that he may miss some more time.
  5. I will never understand rostering more than one elite QB in non-2QB leagues. I would probably start RW just because he's so consistent and has a high floor in addition to a high ceiling. If your trade deadline hasn't passed, try trading one of them?
  6. That's assuming Samuels is even an average NFL RB. Bell was a 1st-2nd round talent and prior to cancer, Conner was as well. It's not like they are both scrubs... they are good players elevated by the team/oline. Same with DWill. They've a GREAT string of RBs the last several years but it's far from a given that Samuels is even worth rostering let alone gets the bulk of the carries. I don't think it's wrong to add him if you have space, but I'd rather have some of the other guys mentioned who are for sure top RB2s/low end RB1s if the start goes down.
  7. Well that's not good news. Kind of reminds me of the Sony Michel situation a couple of weeks ago.
  8. I have no idea. I didn't watch the game this weekend (own no shares of him), but I read that he was one the bench for a significant portion of the last half and now he's apparently not practicing. Again, probably nothing BUT might drop a kicker or someone for Gio if he's available.
  9. This is probably nothing but might be worth monitoring. Apparently there was a rumor that he jacked up his knee vs the Saints.
  10. I go back and forth on this... But at the end of the day, I think you're right. I'd also add Gio to that list. In fact I'd for Ware > Gio >> Brown (unknown what the RB situation will look like if Gurley is out). Ware would probably take priority over Samuels because the Chiefs might lock up the #1 seed early and sit Hunt OR scale back his reps. Plus we know that Ware can put up the points as a starter. Most of us who have Conner should have at least one other decent RB1 or 2 unless your draft went really really wrong. So I think the strategy if you have 1 or 2 RB other decent RB options is to pick up these top tier handcuffs. In the event that Mixon, Hunt, or possibly Gurley goes down you just put yourself over the top with another probably RB1.
  11. Not looking good for this week... Do you guys think he's droppable? ROS schedule is pretty daunting and he's really only had one good game.
  12. Depends. In one league I am most likely a lock for the playoffs even in the event I lose the next two games. My top 2 RBs are set and forget ROS and I've got another who is a decent RB2/flex depending on the matchup. In that case, no I want the home run guy who could push me over the top if someone gets injured or rested week 16. But if I have a RB/flex with a week 11-12 bye and poor depth I think he's a great pick up with potential to be an OK RB2. I think we all WANT the Eagles RB to be a super valuable fantasy player but it really hasn't been the case for the last three years. Jay Ajayi was still a TD dependent RB2... the volume just isn't there and I'm not sure why that would change with Adams.
  13. Exactly this. I've had him on my team a few times but at the end of the day I don't view him as a league winner kind of pickup. Partially due to the lack of talent and partially due to the situation. If you NEED a guy to plug in at flex or RB2, he's an OK pick up with potential for more but if you're like me and already have two or three starting RBs or are playoff bound you want guys like Ware, Gio, MAYBE Brown or Samuels, etc who are very likely RB1s or high end RB2s if the starter is injured or rested.
  14. I might be in the minority but I thought Penny has looked good in both games that he saw extended action (Bears and Rams games). I like Carson and all but I think if given the opportunity, Penny COULD blow up the last third of the season. They want to run like 40 times per game... there is tremendous upside in the backfield.