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  1. I was surprised to hear that in a 12 teamer. But I see that you also have steph, gallo, bradley, embiid(back2backs&hurtshisback). Sucks man
  2. Because he looks like a middle aged man. Why does it matter if he looks like a half eaten lollipop that was dropped and picked up 2 hours later. How does that have anything to do with his value. Are you playing FAPtasy basketball and draft the hottest dudes?
  3. Trade him for Evan Fournier and then google “Fournier” then click on images.
  4. I'd trade Kawhi straight up for Evan Fournier. Google " Fournier " and click on images.
  5. Yo this dudes Quads is softer than the crackers at the bottom of a ritz bits bag. Don't hold your breath
  6. It's cause the mother fucers been smiling all summer. His body wasn't used to the strain and decided to give up on him. Stick to what you know dread head
  7. Naw Kawhi's quads are toast ima put butter on his knees and eat em
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