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  1. 18mins is too short......hope Popo can considers play him as 4 more
  2. maybe not only tonight but a week............
  3. if he can grap some rebounds that will be better.
  4. I think Middleton is more stable, and DLO might be trade to a great team.
  5. 11cat H2H 14 teams. As title ,I have Gay in my team, should i drop him for other? considering he only gets around 20mins per game. PG/ Lillard, Fultz, J Murray, J Morant SG/ Huerter, R. Jackson SF/ Isaac,Gay , PJ Washington PF/ Kuzma, Rui, Siakam C/ WCS, JJJ
  6. If GSW decides to tank, WCS still get substantial mins? or let other young PF/C grow?
  7. Wow...... you really like this kid..........hope he can improve his scoring.
  8. Is he a sell high target? or he can maintains this performance.
  9. should i drop him for Thybulle or Troy Brown? because he only gets around 20mins per game.
  10. hahaha i really want to know if i can hold him until All Star Game?
  11. For now, he looks great in the team, especially had plenty of chance to shoot the ball. But I wonder whether he will lose his minute when King starts to lose?
  12. I don't think Kuzma can play over 20mins every night.