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  1. I’d flex Laundry or Miller, coin toss imo. Don’t think either is A wrong decision.
  2. I would rather play Lewis, OBJ is too up and down for me.
  3. Mack is safer for points, if your projected to win I’d play Mack, if your projected to lose then I would take the homer in swing and play AJ
  4. I would play Washington, but Lewis is t a bad option.
  5. Anyone else? Without Henry, AJ Brown is worrying me now too. Not sure what to do here
  6. I would roll out Parker, thanks for your help on mine.
  7. I’d roll scott, Lindsay isn’t getting the ball enough, last week was tough, I started him, and regret it
  8. I think I would go Freeman, McLaurin is inconsistent with Haskins.
  9. QB: Ryan RB1: Zeke RB2: ? Boone/Lindsey/AP/Laird? WR1: Nuk WR2: A.J. Brown TE: Waller Flex: ?D.J. Moore/Thielen/Mclaurin/Golladay? Def: Pitt I’m having a tough time picking my starters here. Normally I’d just plug in D.J. and forget it. The QB change has me nervous. Now the Rams are out, Thielen is another question mark. Mclaurin and Golladay are inconsistent. Lindsey is in a bad situation, AP is decent enough for maybe 10+ in PPR with 6pt TDs. Laird is, well, on my roster... Boone seems like the best bet now that Mattison isn’t expected to play per ESPN any thoughts?
  10. Man, Between losing Thielen a few weeks ago and now Golladay losing Stafford a few weeks ago, it’s going to be another rough fantasy week. A ton of rankings still have Golladay pretty high this week, Jake Ciely (pretty accurate rankings) has him at #19 wr in PPR this week. I went and grabbed Crowder to start over him this week. I keep switching back and fourth on which to roll with, Crowder is ranked #17 on the same rankings. It feels so wrong having to bench Golladay, but without Stafford he’s really hard to trust even against Washington. But he did play against 2 pretty good defenses (thinking more of the pressure on the qb) the last 2 weeks. There’s a good chance Golladay burns whoever starts him, there’s also a good chance he burns you for benching him too. Good luck, hopefully we all play the right WR this week. Fantasy gives me grays.
  11. He will get back to normal soon, teams aren’t winning when scripting him out, they’re going to have to pay more attention to the WRs and RB.
  12. F1 is a legit future WR1, his team is the only thing stopping him from being a high end wr1 right now imo. I keep thinking if this kid ended up on a team with a high end QB that featured him and could accurately get him the ball instead of Washington he would’ve had an amazing rookie season. He’s still having a really good rookie season, But sky would be the limit if drafted somewhere else. Hopefully Haskins gets comfortable and stops looking like a deer in headlights. Haskins hasn’t looked good at all, but it looks like some is him still getting comfortable, some is the coaching staff holding him back some. Can’t wait to see if anything starts clicking this week.
  13. Could really use a Waller TD to finish this game.
  14. Nice Waller catch there, too bad he fell, should’ve been a td