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  1. Same here, it’s hard to drop him because he is a talented running back, Rojo has been really good. Who knows what can happen any given Sunday. I’m going to try to hold him for now.
  2. It’s not like Hasty had a huge day either. He went 9 for 37. At that point my thinking was they wanted to kill clock without putting McKinnon at risk in a game they already likely won by then, knowing Mostert looked like an injury lasting a few weeks. That’s my take anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. I’d bet on McKinnon being the guy while Mostert is out. Hasty will get some touches, that’s about it imo.
  4. CBS changed him to expected return week 8 Fwiw, local news hasn’t said much about him. There’s so many Eagles injuries it would likely take an hour to go through them all with updates.
  5. Seems like the groin injury finally stopped being an issue for him last week. Passed the eye test tonight again.
  6. Who else was watching that 3rd down thinking damn, Drakes gonna finish with 95yds, no 💯 bonus, ah well at least he has 1 td, then poof, basically doubles his fantasy score in 1 play.
  7. Someone started Edmonds against me because I started Drake and they believed Edmonds over took him as the guy in Arizona weeks ago. Maybe he did, but not this week. 🤣
  8. CBS fantasy has him listed as expected back week 7, seems early, we’ll see.
  9. Take it before the guy who offered realizes what they did. Scales dip way in your favor here IMO.
  10. Seems legit to me, rolling him out. His upside over anyone else I could play is a no brainer.
  11. He’s definitely worth a free add to wait and see. You can get him for free right now and he’ll likely outscore most other waiver options you might have. I’m not saying he’s your wr #1, but he can be well worth an add as a bye week fill or a flex, if all works out I can see him post some wr2 numbers. All that is yet to be seen, but someone’s gotta get those targets, Ertz can’t be the only target for Wentz. DJax, Goedart, Reagor and Jeffery were all on my waivers 2 weeks ago and all but Goedart were still there up to yesterday. I think Jeffery might be a good bet for some nice fantasy games.
  12. First 3 picks this year, Adams, Julio, and Drake. Also Higbee, Fournette and Matt Ryan. Last 4 weeks have been a nightmare.
  13. He’s a drop for me, he’ll probably have slightly more value as the season goes in certain games, but which games will be impossible to pick out.
  14. Can’t wait to be able to use him again, it’s been a rough last 4 weeks.
  15. Missed practice today, hoping he gets in a practice tomorrow, my lineup sorely misses him. Then again isn’t this the usual for him with injuries? I thought I remember this being what he does, doesn’t practice after an injury and still plays.