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  1. He was originally drafted as a QB and transitioned to TE a year ago I think.
  2. Can anyone remember the last time Arians blamed himself/coaching rather than throwing each player under the bus?
  3. Would you bench prime AB playing at 80% if he was on this Steelers team? If the answer is no then you don't bench a healthy DJ.
  4. Marcus Peters is good for 1 or 2 horribly blown coverages each game. Mapletron TD is a lock this week.
  5. Not saying that clip reminds me of Trent Richardson but if I didn't know who Fournette was and someone put a gun to my head that would be my first guess as tho who it is. He's so bad this year and there isn't enough volume for him to eventually get his 1 week saving run.
  6. Just to put it into some perspective Game 1: first week active, against the Saints defense that basically shut down the entire Bucs gameplan Game 2: against the Panthers where he got 8 targets, the run game was dominant, and the game was over by the 4th Game 3: against the #1 pass defense in the league and he got 13 targets Hard to not be encouraged by the usage so far given these first 3 games.
  7. 26 targets in 3 games. There isn't even a debate if a couple of those deep shots connected. He's a WR2 at worst this week against the Chiefs.
  8. How many fantasy points is the postgame handshake worth in your guys league?
  9. Matchup proof it looks like. Just need Arians and Leftwich to more consistently draw up plays to free him up in the short/intermediate game.
  10. Play Rojo in soft matchups that the Bucs should easily win. Play Fournette never unless you hate yourself and/or are desperate.
  11. He did have one hit his hands later in the game after that overthrow.
  12. In other news Jared Goff confirmed not worthy of a post-loss Brady handshake. He must hate goofy blonde QBs.
  13. They defended everything well and the Bucs best guard Marpet being out another game obviously didn't help in pass protection. I'm just saying that in general the Bucs complete refusal to create a short-mid game with their WR trio is infuriating. It's just first down run for a loss or 2 yards, checkdown to Fournette who probably drops it, then missed deep pass. They can't run against good teams, they cant pass deep against good teams, and they refuse to switch up the offense at all when it isn't working.