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  1. Cleveland's offense actually has a similar build to the Vikings that Stefanski was just on. Chubb, OBJ, Landry is comparable to Cook, Diggs, Thielen. Only wildcard is Baker and whether he can actually take a step forward. Maybe Njoku finally makes the leap too.
  2. Tannehill hasn't broken 100 yards passing yet in a playoff game lol Vrabel is clearly focusing on Henry and letting Tannehill be a game manager with like 15 attempts per game. Maybe that changes this week against the Chiefs.
  3. Does anyone ever truly admit they're wrong on random internet forums?
  4. Brady was in the top 10 in both yards and TDs from 2002-2004. He even led the league in TD passes in 2002 in his first full season as a starter. This was with Patten and Deion Branch as his best targets. Do people just not bother looking up stats to support their arguments anymore? And as for being Garroppolo-esque (I think you meant to say game manager), Jimmy is top 10 in TD passes this season.
  5. Are people un-ironically trying to compared NFL QBs to NBA players? The lengths people on fantasy football forums go to to try and prove their points lol
  6. He's still one of the most talented WR in the NFL and shouldn't go later than the 3rd or early 4th round.
  7. You could argue Sanders is still better especially in the getting open quickly department. Deebo's time is coming next season though.
  8. @Gohawks Aaron Rodgers superbowl win stats: 304 yards and 3 TDs "Game manager" era Tom Brady in his second superbowl that the "defense carried him" : 354 yards and 3 TDs Ya really hate to see it
  9. Alex Smith and Nick Foles are also better than Joe Montana according to that list and his logic.
  10. Brady has played in 41 playoff games and Rodgers has played less than half that. Are we not doing sample size anymore? Matt Ryan and Nick Foles being in the top 10 on that list gives you an idea of how important sample size was in those rankings.
  11. Not to mention he threw for over 500 yards without his 2 best receivers against the Eagles and the Pats still lost. But if you hate Brady you can just pretend that game doesn't exist.
  12. Average was a little strong but his TD/Int ratio hides the sack rate. He takes some terrible sacks because of how long he holds onto the ball. It’s to the point where it seems he’d rather take a sack than risk an int while giving his WR a chance.
  13. Rodgers claim to fame was he was the most talented thrower of the football ever. Except now Mahomes exists so that obviously isn’t true. Rodgers has been average going on 3 seasons now. He gets a pass but if it was Brady everyone would be screaming “sYsTeM” like they usually do. And when Brady has MVP seasons people also use the system argument. It’s honestly really funny.
  14. He's won 3 MVPs. "Not on that level" is a joke. When he had comparable weapons in his prime he had MVP seasons. Is the spiral he throws not pretty enough like Rodgers lol.
  15. Maybe they can start a petition to change public perception that doesn't make them upset.