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  1. Selected in the 3rd round by the Pats in the 2019 draft which many didn't like because they just took Sony in the 1st. Only got 4 carries all of last season while Sony had a bit of a sophomore slump in efficiency. However there is some precedence with Belichick not giving rookie RBs many carries if there is an established veteran (rookie Vereen, Ridley, James White.) With Stidham being a great unknown as a passer there is a good chance the offense becomes very run-heavy this year. If Sony continues being inefficient then there is real opportunity for Harris to take on a decent workload. Definitely worth a late round pick this year.
  2. Are there any other players this year that are as high risk/reward as Gurley and DJ?
  3. I guess there's an opportunity for him to do something if there are injuries but I just don't see it happening. GB was 17th in passing attempts per game last season which doesn't bode too well for St. Brown trying to be the #3 WR behind Adams and Lazard. Giving St. Brown the benefit of the doubt that he has more to offer than Funchess.
  4. To be fair he was put into some pretty terrible situations in his first 2 seasons. Team with no o-line and a braindead OC, then traded to a team with a first time HC that was looking to tank for most of the season. Cardinals never should have drafted an immobile QB that high when they didn't have a half decent line to protect him.
  5. 1700 yards with 76 receptions on a dumpster fire team that barely played with a lead. Bad TD luck be damned I'll sign up for that in the 3rd round without a second thought. If he had a handful more TDs last season we wouldn't even be having this argument. But alas he grinded out all those yards with an occasional big play.
  6. So you're knocking him for eventually overcoming his teams poor run blocking and getting a big gain ever game. Got it.
  7. Ooooh I love this game. Since you're hypothetically taking something away can I also hypothetically add something? Like an oline that could actually block?
  8. Sounds exactly like that early season game against the Titans when the fantasy community left him for dead.
  9. The heartbreak is worth the potential for a few crumbs of that All-Pro season
  10. I am a Flash hype train addict and I do not have a problem.
  11. I don't see how either is a worse option than an UDFA RB with about 300 receiving yards to his name.
  12. This might be the year Carroll finally realizes that the offense should become pass heavy with his elite QB. But he also might just chew gum at the speed of light and run da baw. So I guess Carson is a safe RB2.
  13. I get the feeling half the fantasy community didn't watch that much of Rojo last season and only remember his fumble and missed assignment on a pass block.