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  1. Ingram is a really good back and has shown no signs of slowing down. Why would the ravens take away his touches when he was very efficient with them last year? The Dobbins pick kills Hill & Edwards, not Ingram in my opinion.
  2. I’ve noticed me and you think the same way lol. Completely agree
  3. I’ve been mocking McCaffrey with CEH & Gurley. it is the most beautiful yet terrifying lineup I’ve seen in a while lol
  4. That’s a very good point. I hadn’t looked at that aspect, good post
  5. If you can pair him with 2 good rb’s. Gurley as a flex could be amazing, even if he isn’t as efficient he should get most of the touches in an Atlanta offense in a very high scoring division. This time last year Gurley was coming back from hobbling the last 1/2 of the season and played until February. This year he wasn’t even in the playoffs, has another year of healing, and is going to arguably a better offense. There is a lot to like despite the high risk
  6. I don’t think Gurley will go past round 3 in the majority of competitive leagues
  7. Yeah that’s the gamble for sure, that’s the only thing keeping him from being a top 15 pick. I’m willing to take it
  8. I’ve been doing mocks and doing the exact same thing with CMC. Having him and the chiefs backfield could be insane
  9. Do you like pairing him with McCaffrey as your rb #2? Has a lot of potential
  10. The age + talent + #1 WR + game script for him this season just seems like a lot of positives going his way. They are going to be in a lot of shootouts with their defense, that along with his talent screams breakout. I agree Teddy is the biggest question mark, but if he can give him a healthy amount of targets like MT sky is the limit.
  11. I’m in the boat of Moore is one of the best receivers already in terms of YAC yardage. Teddy doesn’t need to be amazing he just needs to be able to check it down to him and give him his opportunities. That seems like a pretty safe floor not even assuming he improves in any other aspects of his game. Moore is also only 23 years old he was so young his first 2 seasons, there is still so much room improvement. Michael Thomas received amount of 7,9,13,12,11 targets in the games Teddy started. Not comparing Moore to MT but Teddy can feed his teams best receiver. Based on that limited sample
  12. Surprised there isn’t more discussion going on in this thread. Guy is going early in round 3 usually. Is amazing after the catch and ole’ Checkdown Teddy is coming to town. I expect the panthers new young defense to be pretty terrible year 1, lots of shootouts which should only help Moore. Anderson signing I believe can help him more than hurt, should open up the field more. I believe Moore and McCaffrey will easily lead the team in targets, if he can get his TD’s up he has top 10-5 WR potential easy. I’d like to see some of your all’s opinions, he is one of the more fun prospects to talk about this year I believe.
  13. I’m leaning Terry and DK right now. I’m positive I’ll be going after Terry though, watch his film review on YouTube. Dude is a future star
  14. Tomlin has always used a bell cow rb. He is the starter as of now and will have Ben back with a great defense. IF (big if) he stays healthy you are getting a 3 down back in the 4th/5th round. That could be an amazing value, especially for those going stud WR’s early rounds