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  1. It’s getting me more fluid by the hour too
  2. This dude is going to light it up all year, I’m all in.
  3. I like this dude a lot for the next few weeks at least, hopefully he takes advantage of the opportunity. If you own him and he pays off, you could probably go after Mostert as a stash until he comes back. Wilson should be out for 1-2 months, we’ve seen Coleman over the years he’s a JAG, McKinnon stock going way down.
  4. Lmao true, I heard a Saints player got injured after that post
  5. Dude is the truth!! He’s making me a low key chargers fan
  6. And people were talking about Adams being a bust lmaooooo
  7. GB had their worst offensive performance they are going to have all season, in Adams first game back. And he still had 6 for 60 He’s going to blow up very soon
  8. I was misinformed, Jackson and Apple are both a game time decision. Positive news either way for Smith. My bad
  9. Their starting corner is out, Smith is going up against Eli Apple for what it’s worth. I’m starting this week
  10. I get it’s been frustrating, but some of the theories ya’ll come up with lol. He pulled his hammy, he’s a real competitor if he was healthy he would be out there playing. Tampa just added AB, Saints can’t afford to lose games because of Thomas drama, he is just hurt. Really really sucks for sure
  11. I think he’s a good trade piece to the Goedert / Ertz owner if they have no backup TE. Wentz has always targeted his TE and now he we have a game where Rodgers had a good stat line and was targeted. Package him and another piece for a slight upgrade. Thats what I’ll be attempting to do with him anyways
  12. Jackson out for the rest of the year probably. This dude could make a big impact the 2nd half of the season if he comes back healthy. Wentz is looking pretty good overall and they definitely need another weapon at WR
  13. I expect him to be my QB RoS. Dude is the truth, with great weapons, and a great schedule.
  14. Hopefully this is more of a Herbert Keenan situation. If Parker gets healthy during the bye I could see him being peppered with targets. He’s been injured and the game script has been really bad for him for the most part. I still think he’s a really good WR