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  1. Traded for this man 3 days ago :’) ready for this ride, amazing playoff schedule too. 3-4-4
  2. I thought he was my secret weapon all season, little did I know he was my opponents.
  3. I’ve held on to him all season.. just for this moment
  4. Yes you are right only 3! And I call myself a saints fan
  5. For what it’s worth. Brees is playing the colts at home on Monday night, he is 4 TD’s away from breaking the all time TD record, just as he passed Peyton Manning’s all time passing record on Monday night last year. You don’t think him and Sean will go for it? I think he’s a must start.
  6. If he doesn’t practice this week but plays. I will personally be starting Mattison
  7. Dude is getting accustomed to the saints offense at just the right time. Almost had a 3 TD game today. Top 3 TE RoS?
  8. I’d say you could sell him to the Mack owner? That’s probably the only real trade partner
  9. Fuller stayed in the game afterwards, I think he’s ok. *secretly crying on the inside*
  10. This has to be the week gentlemen. He’s too damn good, the giants hopefully learned not to just run him up the middle EVERY single time
  11. Well maybe this part isn’t true lol
  12. I’m of the mindset if he is set to play Thursday then the team thinks he is back to 100%. They are thinking about playoffs not just one game, so I doubt they would risk anything. If he plays I’m starting him, it’d feel a lot better seeing him go for 4 points in your lineup then 20+ on your bench
  13. I somehow got Williams & Wilkins. So either one winning the job is fine. Just praying it isn’t a 33/33/33 RBBC