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  1. I can’t believe it’s taken Henry this long to be a bell cow RB. I mean this goes strictly on the coaching staff. Next year mccafrey is number one pick Henry is number 2 for me. I don’t know how you don’t take him there.
  2. And mixon has no risk? Lol. You been basically saying Chubb is gaurenteed his touches all year. Now your worried about hunt though. Lol you guys are funny on here. And I would take Jacobs, Ingram, and Carson if healthy over mixon 10/10 times next year. Mack, Chubb, Fournette are a solid maybe. Again that’s what you just fail to understand. Your personal rankings mean nothing. And I’m not trying to convince anyone. I could care less what you or anyone else does. All I said was mixon is going to be a prime bounce back candidate if you can get him in the 3rd or 4th. Which will be a possibility in some leagues whether you want to believe it or not. If he isn’t then he isn’t. Time to move on bro.
  3. Not in any particular order. McCaffrey zeke Barkley henry Gurley a Jones Kamara Mack Fournette Chubb Ingram Jacobs Carson(if healthy) can all potentially be drafted before mixon. Then you got guys like hunt Gordon ekeler whose status can really change depending on off season moves. Then you got Lamar Kelce Kittle and then you got all the WRs left and new draft picks etc. Again in ten team leagues he is most likely a third round pick for sure. In 12 teams probably around pick 27-30 or so. But he can slip further too. I have no idea why its so hard to see him slipping to the 3rd. Again I wouldn’t take my chance on him in the second.
  4. You guys love to twist things around in order to fit your narrative. I said the third round would be picks 21-25 in 10-12 leagues just as a comparison to someone who said 3rd-4th round would be picks 30-40. I also never said I would take him even at 25. There’s a lot of other players I would have no problem taking over him. I guess it would depend on how my draft went but I would probably consider taking him around pick 30 maybe. He def isn’t going to be one of my first two picks. Again if he was second round this year why would I take him again at that price when he flopped for half the season. The guy who owned him never recovered. It didn’t matter what he did in the second half anymore. Same thing could happen next year. Why take that chance with your first two picks.
  5. He was a second round pick this year. I have no idea how he doesn’t drop at least a little bit. I know I’m not touching him in the second round. It’s not worth the risk.
  6. Who says 30-40? You know how rounds work? Pick 25 would be the third round in 12 team leagues. In 10 team leagues it would be pick 21. I could easily name 24 players someone could take over mixon. 4th round might be a stretch but again it’s possible.
  7. He’s going to be a prime bounce back candidate next year. I’ll be targeting him in the 3rd-4th round. He will most likely drop that far in next years draft.
  8. Idk why everyone keeps saying it’s been a TE wasteland. Higbee popped up got me all the way through and won a chip with him. Andrews been on fire all season, hooper was on fire till he got hurt which can happen to anyone, same with Engram, cook has been on fire second half of the season, Waller has been good all year. You guys need to pay a bit more attention. More and more teams are utilizing the TE position. It kind of made sense to draft one early maybe 2-3 years ago and beyond but not anymore.
  9. So many good options at TE next year. No way I waste a 2-3 round pick on a TE when you got guys like cook, hooper Andrews etc that are going to go maybe 3-4 rounds later.
  10. Basically my breaking point for Chubb was when I started seeing Hilliard get more receiving work than him and it was Hilliard and hunt who was out there even in 2 RB sets and not Chubb and hunt. That’s when I realized yes he probably is lucky to get 15-16 touches moving forward. And that’s exactly what happened.
  11. I don’t normally do that and especially not with players like Barkley who is basically guaranteed work or Julio etc. Now your just throwing names out. But sometimes things start to change throughout the season. If you couldn’t see chubbs workload get smaller and smaller toward the end of the season and basically get game scripted out of games in exchange for hunt then I don’t know what to tell you.
  12. I actually started AP but was very close to starting D Washington. Neither choice was wrong because well they both played better lol. And I’m obviously banking on the TD from AP in a good matchup and I’m not banking on a TD from Chubb due to his down trend of involvement in the offense, inability to score at the goal line, terrible play calling and playing against a good D. You think I made the wrong decision but that’s what some of you don’t get. You got to pick up on the constant changes that happen throughout the season and not live in the past. Another terrible game from Chubb this week is not surprising. But hey keep playing your “studs”. It’s a different game that we play now especially with the constant rotation of players at the RB position.
  13. Well I tried to warn you guys. Hope you won with the “leading rusher” putting up a dud in the finals. I’m not saying it was an easy bench but the writing was on the wall to bench him week 16. Completely avoid this backfield next year if hunt is still there and kitchens is still head coach.
  14. Yeah if he doesn’t fall flat on his face and catches that ball it’s a TD. But even just a catch and tackle would have been a pretty good gain right there.