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  1. When people say RB1 what they mean is that player will finish in the top 10-12 range of RBs by season end. Since most fantasy leagues are 10-12 teams. I think your confusing yourself with these “tiers”.
  2. Calm down buddy. He is shifty but he’s one cut back like Henry. He also trucks people over like Henry and lets not exaggerate the passing work. He catches dump off screens like basically any RB in the NFL can. It’s not like he lines up at WR.
  3. He looks like Derrick Henry light. Trucking grown men out the way. I love that running style. He doesn’t need huge holes always falling forward.
  4. Yeah I normally would do. I’m 2-4. So in desperation mode basically. I’ve lost multiple weeks over a few points.
  5. Yeah but I have no one else to drop and could you play them this week vs Titans and next week vs ravens
  6. So Steelers have two bad matchups back to back. Titans this week and ravens next week. Bucs are available vs the raiders this week and giants next week. Really considering dropping them for the bucs. Any opinions? Thanks and WHIR
  7. Anyone else. I’m having trouble deciding between gio and Robinson
  8. Gibson and swift for me. Both have good matchups should be high scoring games.
  9. Standard scoring league need to start 2/3. WHIR thanks! godwin vs raiders Bernard vs browns Robinson vs chargers
  10. Everyone def won’t win. Way too many mouths to feed. Brown himself played primarily on the perimeter. He had some snaps out of the slot but his bread and butter was one of the best perimeter WRs probably over the last decade. So I don’t see how a slot WR like Godwin will take more of a hit than Evans.