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  1. I mean, let's not get ridiculous. You think he's just gonna quit? Get real. That said, I've never been much of a Draymond fan. Much of his value is tied to his assists and blocks. He got so many easy dimes with Steph, Klay, and KD coming off screens and he would just swing the ball to elite jump shooters. No surprise his numbers are down without that luxury. And its also a lot easier to play help D and get blocks on a great team as opposed to a poor one. I didnt consider keeping or drafting him at all this year but also wouldnt drop him yet in all but the shallowest of leagues b/c he does still offer some across the board value. But yeah, dude is not good and IMO was always a little overrated in real life. Fantasy wise, he's obviously not nearly as effective without elite pieces around him.
  2. Aint worried bout Nunn.... Seriously though. I've seen posts in this thread and read blurbs on fantasy sites citing Nunn's lack of pedigree. I suppose that's fair given that he was undrafted and didn't establish himself on an NBA roster until age 24. But this dude was a consensus top 60 HS recruit, won 4 state championships and is one of 5 players to have his number retired at the legendary Simeon in Chicago, was all freshmen Big 10, got steadily better every year at Illinois before being dismissed for an off court issue, then after a year away and albeit in the lesser Horizon league, he leads that nation in 3s, is the nation's 2nd leading scorer, and is the best player in the conference. As a rookie in the G league he averaged a healthy 19 ppg. Not the typical trajectory of a NBA superstar but this dude has been ballin all his life and always seems to be one of the better players whenever he steps on the court. Don't know if he keeps this up but he passes the eye test and his pedigree is not as weak as some would suggest. Fun player to roster and he's been solid in pts, 3s, steals, with good percentages. A lot to like as a waiver pick up and if he falls off we just drop him for the next. But yeah...aint worried bout Nunn. ...
  3. I believe you are correct on both accounts.
  4. Yeah I love Baze too but no way I drop Gary Harris or Warren for him at this point. I have to drop someone and am debating between Baze and Barton who I have as a Harris cuff.
  5. This roster sets up really nicely for Jrue this year especially with the pace NOLA will play at. He gives you elite stocks, very good FG%m pts, and assist without really hurting you anywhere. I was going to keep him in a 14 team 2 player keeper but decided to go a different direction. Absolutely love him in redraft this year.
  6. The Wizards are a bad franchise but this is silly. It’s not the team’s fault every time he has a bad game. He’s been playing consistently in the high 30s for minutes. This was the 2nd night of a b2b and blowout WIN so it makes perfect sense that he did not close out the game. The rotoworld blurb and the response to it are just lazy writing. Sato provides good value as a waiver pick up but he’s not a consistent stud (better than Wall 😂) that some think/want him to be. Enjoy the good games and rely on the rest of your team when he has his share of duds.
  7. Cant buy a bucket tonight. Every time someone suggests he's better than Wall he has a stinker. Obviously no causation but how bout we just stop that... Very different fantasy profiles.
  8. Boogie took a hard and awkward fall after being grabbed from behind by Myles Turner and having another guy bang his leg on what was ultimately ruled a flagrant 1. Good news is after staying down for a while he got up, knocked down 2 FTs, and remained in the game. Overall a good sign tho he should have given the ball up on the break for an easy layup.
  9. So AD is not quite as good as Lebron (arguably and IMO the 2nd greatest player of all time) = he's overrated. Got it. The internet.....
  10. 1. From a fantasy standpoint its immaterial whether or not his teams make the playoffs so I don't think it matters if he's overrated in real life. Fantasy wise I don't see any argument for him being overrated 2. I would also argue he's NOT overrated in real life. He's played his entire career in a loaded Western conference and on teams that have significant holes. Has he ever played with a quality wing player? So I'm not going to put not making the playoffs on him being overrated.
  11. I’m streaming him tonight for the hell of it and in a long shot attempt to win 3s. I remember watching Furgeson play internationally for USA basketball 17U several years ago and came away thinking he was the best player on the floor. He had NCAA eligibility issues, as I understand it, from playing at Deion Sanders Prime Academy in Texas, which is why he went to Australia for a year. Anyways, he definitely has talent and he seems to get a lot of open looks since defenses are obviously focusing on Westbrook, PG13, and Adams. If he continues to make shots he could carve out some deep league value since the minutes seem to be there. If not, on to the next one.
  12. Fouled out but I don't think we could have asked for better in 15 minutes. As someone who watched him all last year, I thought he moved really well and overall looked good. Its obviously still a huge concern coming back from an achilles at his size but I've always thought a potential positive was that Boogie never had tremendous athleticism in terms of explosiveness or suddeness. He's just extremely skilled and pretty agile and fluid for a guy his size. So the injury may not affect his game the way it would someone who relies more on raw explosiveness. There will be nights where he probably just doesnt have it physically but I'm excited about his fantasy contributions going forward.
  13. Its definitely wishful thinking to focus entirely on the positives of playing in the GSW offense when the reality is that the negatives (coming back from achilles tear, not having played in a real game for a year, and significantly reduced minutes and usage) far outweigh the positives from a fantasy production standpoint. The volume simply will not be there for him to put up the Boogie monster numbers of years past with GSW this season. And he will have fewer overall turnovers b/c of the reduced minutes and usage but it remains to be seen if he will be overall more efficient. Again, he's coming back from a major injury and integrating into a new offense that features 3 other players who get a lot of shots and usage. I could easily see his efficiency being the same or worse with %s. I hear ya on playing with additional space and less attention from defenses but this is obviously not a situation where pre-achilles Boogie just signed with GSW and is ready to roll after a full healthy off and pre-season. Its gonna be a lesser Boogie physically (at least this 1st year back and perhaps for his career) AND he will have significantly less usage. Don't see how that's a recipe for "better than ever" from a real life or fantasy perspective. I think that entirely depends on roster options and league size/settings, etc. I dropped a player to stream earlier this week, which opened up a spot in my lineup Friday. So he's in my lineup. If I had other options, I'd likely wait a game or 2 before slotting him in over even end of bench type guys. Having said all of the above, I'm still all in on Boogie for this season as I kept him from last season and am rooting for him on a fantasy and personal level. But my expectations are pretty low, so I will have fun watching this either way.
  14. How could he not? Well, his minutes and usage will be significantly down from any point in his career and he will be the 4th option joining a core group that has already won 3 championships without him. Plus there's the whole big man coming back from one of the most devastating injuries in the sport thing. But yeah, how could he not comeback better than before...