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  1. I wouldn't jump ship and abandon him just yet. He's got potential. Maybe he just needs some time to get into his stride. I'm optimistic about him. You'll see.
  2. Roman Quinn Victor Robles Are both good options.
  3. Season 1 was absolutely epic. Season 2 was so bad I never bother going back.
  4. Maybe he'll release what he has done so far at some point. I think he's made so much money off selling headphones that he doesn't care about making music anymore.
  5. Oban 12 yr is great. Reasonably priced.
  6. I just sold a original Nintendo, super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 with a bunch of games on ebay awhile ago. Got pretty good cash for it all.
  7. A billion would not be enough. I think I would have other priorities in front of a team if I won 1 billion.
  8. Beers on the deck is my go to summer plan. Works great every summer.
  9. You need to post more. 10 posts in other threads then you can make a new topic. There's a thread in this section answering the question.
  10. Thanks for the answer. I wonder why they want so many posts first?