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  1. Last game, watch out for CP3 resting, any news?
  2. Chill, guy is averaging 9.6 rebs per 36mins, and 6.7 rebs (2.5 OReb) in last 10 games. As a 19-year-old rookie, he has been outstanding in TO and PF control, with a good FG% and FT%. He still got a long way to go. Expect him to be inconsistent from time to time.
  3. He is currently shooting at 49% FG, 43.2% 3PTs, and 89.7% FT. Pretty close to the 50-40-90 club, making him so valuable, especially in the roto settings. Hope he can come back rolling again soon.
  4. Going to the playoffs with Henson and Maker as their only two bigs is just not that realistic, considering depth, foul trouble, injury risk, etc. I guess Henson and Zeller will share most of the minutes at the C.
  5. A 19pts, 8rebs game with 5 3pts and a steal out of no where. Was there any change in their game plan? Keeping a keen eye on him as one of the few 1-1-1 potentials.
  6. Monster, all around stats. Even sweeter to have him in a Roto league. And hopefully Thibs could keep playing him for around 34~36 mins per game, not 40 mins.
  7. 19 points lead, 4Q 5:44, against the Kings. Yet Jimmy is still out there playing, along with KAT, Teague, and Wiggins. Please give this guy some rest, Thib.
  8. Watched the game, he was still quite active on the defensive end. Interrupted some passes but only the ball got out of bounds or in the opponents hands. The stocks will fall eventually.
  9. Thanks for these good points made. BBM analysis of these players under my league settings are attached. I think on the other side of the story is that, owners tends to weight much less on negative stats, TO / PF / poor %s, than on positive ones. It's my 4th year in fantasy basketball and this year, in this league, I have to rely on basketballmonster every game to assess my player's performance. The cat settings are just not that intuitive, I guess.
  10. Yeah, the BBM rankings listed above are Basketball Monster Rankings under my league settings. It's actually quite similar to the Y! ranking shown in my league.
  11. In my Roto league, 15 team, 13 cat (standard 9 + A/TO, OREB, 3PT%, and PF), - Tony Snell is currently at rank 51 on Yahoo! and 56 on BBM, also like - Cory Joseph, 54 on Y!, 70 on BBM - Sefolosha, 67 on Y!, 74 on BBM. All are FAs currently in the rather deep league. These guy gain much value from, I suggest, their low PF, low TO, and good %s. But everytime I scoop these guys from the wire, I got frustrated by their low production volume. I'm quite confused whether to trust the rankings or not. Is there any blindspot behind the math of rankings?
  12. Yeah, but considering new comers like Rubio and Mitchell, and Hayward leaving the team, it's gonna take some time to build up some chemistry.
  13. He has been starting all season long, even before the Gobert Inj. The problem was, when he played the PF in Snyder's system, he was in the corner shooting 3s, and not having many chances rolling and crashing boards.
  14. Stepped up for Hood's absence, with two 20+ games and sweet stocks. And he actually had five solid games in a row after getting out of the 2/20 shooting slump in Nov. 19 and 21. He has troubled with injuries after injuries since entering the league, hope he can build on this.
  15. Not a good shooting night, but 8Ast, 3Stl, 1 3PT, with only 2TO are fine stats. Averaging 16pt, 6ast, 2.7stl, 2.7TO, 2 3PT in the last three games, but again, against PHX, DEN, and SAC would probably be a big factor.
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