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  1. +1. So if 8 teams are on bye that means 24 teams, say at least 2 startable receivers (likely more) per team which is 48. That’s 4 startable WR per team in a 12-team. We have 3 WR and a flex in our 14-teamer. That’s fine. Sorry you aren’t going to have a stud at every position.
  2. Zeke owner here. I started feeling a lot more nervous yesterday and traded for Pollard in my 14-team work league. For those who care: I gave up Curtis Samuel for Pollard and Darren Waller (TE premium PPR league). I didn’t want to give up Samuel, but he was my 8th round pick which seems to be about where Pollard is going.
  3. Let me start by saying I think Aaron Jones is being overrated. Yes he has upside, but he has also yet to play through an entire season. I think he has better than 50% to get injured in 2019. Especially if his workload increases. Honestly I think he is at his best around the 15 touch mark per game. There are injury concerns with some other guys on the list. I think I would make this decision based on what kind of risk you want to take. In the last 7 years, only 11.9% of season RB1s came from a bottom 10 offense. What teams are highly likely to be there this year? (Titans, Lions COUGH COUGH) Now, there are some offenses projected to be top 10. Packers, Falcons and Colts among them. Which is unfortunate because all 3 of these have lead RBs with injury concerns. But I like Freeman the best out of them in terms of risk management. Most will likely agree with you that Jones is the best. I know Freeman is older, but he has also been the RB1 overall before. And we know his head is on straight. Just my opinion.
  4. Daniels will not be the QB. I promise you. I don’t see how you sit him unless you are absolutely stacked at RB. Cohen is the perfect flex option
  5. Thomas taken in my dynasty league. I already have my IR spots filled. Trying to decide if it’s time to just move on from Olsen
  6. Is Olsen droppable in dynasty? I have OJ Howard and Brate...was considering dropping for Mark Andrews (I have Hurst)
  7. Bears are thankfully low on waiver priority because I would be pissed if Pace claimed him. When will he process through waivers? Monday?
  8. He had a target in the end zone, defense made a good play. I’m considering Brate over him going forward.
  9. They were gassed from playing with such a quick turnaround.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I am a Bears fan and honestly Howard just doesn’t fit the offense. TD dependent flex
  11. I think they are referring to Shady.
  12. Well, since the Packers starting LT is out with an injury, I fully expect Williams to be starting at that position based on his skill set. Should be all all Aaron Jones from here on out.
  13. Trying to decide between Brate and Olsen tomorrow.
  14. Sitting him for Sutton and DJ Moore. Will be starting Cohen though.