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  1. My friend in our championship game only needed a combined 5 PPR points from Thielen and Boone...lost by 1 point. I'd probably quit forever if that was me right now.
  2. 14 game winning streak comes to an end in the championship thanks to my opponent having does this team not win it all??? 10 team PPR: QB: Watson RB: CMC RB: Carson WR: Perriman (had Godwin too) WR: Allen Flex: Chubb TE: Kelce D/ST: Pats K: Butker
  3. I made it to the championship in two leagues...facing Saquon in both. I've gone undefeated the past 14 weeks and this is how it ends...
  4. Lost my first round playoff matchup by 2 points and was the second highest scorer in our league that week. I'm now going to be the highest scoring team in my league these past two weeks and I finish 5th, yet I outscored the guy who is going to win the championship every single week of the playoffs...doesn't make sense one bit.
  5. Team A. Lamar and CMC will do their thing...Carson and Gallup are in great positions to have big weeks. Team B has some hard matchups and I'd be surprised if Parker plays.
  6. I was going to say the same thing. I'd be more afraid of him getting a big game from Higbee. I don't see a huge drop off from AJ Brown and his other choices with Mostert/Singletary.
  7. Big playoff game for me this week...we do two-week matchups and I'm coming in down 11 points from last week. Do I roll with Julio at San Fran, or Robinson at Green Bay? I hate putting Julio on my bench but A-Rob has a far better matchup and has been outplaying Julio in recent weeks.
  8. I was actually winning by 0.3 up until his last catch with 3 minutes to go...f#%&#*
  9. I feel like it takes some skill to consistently make the playoffs, but once you're in the playoffs then you might as well roll dice to see who wins. The two main leagues I'm in ran career data for all the teams in our leagues, compiling 10+ years of data since we've all been together that long. After ranking career points scored, win percentage, average finish place, playoff appearances, titles won, etc...there is an obvious correlation that separates the good owners from the bad. Obviously there's some outlier seasons here and there, but for the most part there's many positive correlations. If you're "good" at fantasy football you can often always be a playoff contender, but once the playoffs hit, all bets are off and you just have to hope the fantasy gods select you as their Chosen One during weeks 14-16.
  10. I wish I could follow weeks would be so much less stressful that way. I just can't do it, I feel like I have to eagerly sit and watch every play-by-play and can't miss a single minute when my team could be getting points. As for my motto next year, avoid players on bad organizations. I fell into the Browns hype, but at the end of the day they are who we thought they were. I also agree with those saying to take risks on ascending WRs instead of taking players at the end of their peaks. I'm never drafting Julio again, I'll gladly use my first round pick next year on a bellcow RB and take a guy like Ridley or Sutton a few rounds later.
  11. With Ridley out, it could happen. One can only hope. I wish my season didn't end this weekend to find out. But certainly no Sherman and Ridley points the arrow in Julio's favor. One could argue San Fran will dial in on him more with Ridley out...but the issue was never the coverage he was getting, it was the targets. If he gets a few extra targets with Ridley out of the picture, I could see him putting up a respectable stat line next week despite the hard matchup.
  12. Up 2.6 in half PPR going against Goedert...I'm toast. What a frustrating season it's been.
  13. Because fantasy makes no sense sometimes. Seems like this year more than ever, the consensus top 15 picks weren't that great. I think the most frustrating thing about fantasy is when you make trades to "stack" your team, only to have them underperform. I made moves early on in the year in my 12 team league to acquire a WR trio of Adams, Julio, and OBJ...thanks to them I'm one and done in the playoffs. But at the time, seemed like the greatest move of all reality I would have been better off this week picking three random guys up off waivers. That makes no sense at all.
  14. I can't believe how much of an idiot I am right now...last night I heard the news that Leveon was out. Instead of just adding Powell to my bench to block my opponent from potentially wanting to use him, I messaged to my whole league "that sucks Leveon is out". And of course my opponent was the first one to see the message, picks up Powell, and instead of getting stuck playing Coleman, Powell scores 9 extra points and that was the difference maker in our matchup. I don't know how I'm going to sleep this one off...