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  1. I think I'd still go with Kupp. You basically have to rely on a long TD from Kirk to make that decision worth it, and I just think it's less likely than not of happening. Help with mine?
  2. I'd sit Swift. Gio is a much more reliable option for guaranteed touches and has been very productive when Mixon has missed time. Help with mine?
  3. I would take the first option. I think Diontae has a hard path now to being a reliable option with Claypool in the mix, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Having an elite option at TE is a nice feeling to have. Help with mine?
  4. I was just offered Dalvin Cook, Mattison, and Leveon for James Robinson, Fuller, and Antonio Brown. I know this probably seems like I'm giving up a lot, but my other WRs are Adams, Diggs, and A-Rob. Thoughts? We start 2 RB, 2 WR, and 1 flex...half PPR. Wondering if upgrading at RB to get Dalvin is worth it here? Thanks. QB: Ryan, Tannehill RB: CEH, J-Rob, McKinnon, Edmonds, Akers WR: Adams, Diggs, A-Rob, Fuller, AB, Alshon TE: Jonnu
  5. I'm having a hard time deciding between A-Rob, Fuller, and McKinnon this week for my flex spot...half PPR. Both Fuller and A-Rob have tough CB matchups which makes this hard, plus there's still a little unknown of how SF will split the backfield with McKinnon and Hasty/Wilson. Which one do I go with this week? Allen Robinson vs. LAR (Ramsey shadow) Will Fuller vs. GB (Jaire shadow?) Jerick McKinnon vs NE (workhorse role?)
  6. So dumb...playing against Wentz and I have Scott. And of course he gets 300 yards on the dot to get a point bonus 😡
  7. I have Scott and playing against Wentz...I already see how this one is gonna go 🤦‍♂️
  8. I'm trying to figure out who to hold at the bottom of my bench. Currently have Akers but his outlook is pretty grim at the moment. McKinnon is my RB3, and don't anyone else behind him on my roster besides Akers as a RB4. Do I keep Akers or pick up Hasty or Wilson to partner with McKinnon to see how the SF backfield shapes up? 12 team league wirh Half PPR scoring.
  9. I'm trying to look ahead to week 8 since I originally didn't have a RB2 due to byes/injuries. I play in a 12 team league with deep benches, so Boston Scott was the only remotely serviceable option on waivers available, so I spent up to get him. The Sanders owner was mad he didn't get him and offered me McKinnon for him. Do I take the deal? I probably would only use either one for next week since CEH and J-Rob are my usual starters. Scott plays Dallas next week and McKinnon plays Seattle, but McKinnon also will have longer sustained value if Sanders comes back shortly. Thoughts?
  10. Please tell me if this is a crazy idea or not. My opponent doesn't have a RB2 this week, and I also realized I won't have a starting RB next week either due to injuries/byes. I'm in a 14 team league so the waiver wire is scraped bare. Is it worth blowing 30% of my FAAB money to lock down Boston Scott the next two weeks to prevent my opponent from getting him this week, and then also having Scott to use next week against Dallas? I'm sitting at 3-3 so these next few weeks are pretty vital.
  11. Yeah I think you gotta just hold him and hope for the best. I don't want to sell him for cheap and make a team unbeatable when the playoffs roll around. If you have a replacement that can at least put up RB3 numbers, it's probably worth just trying to survive and unleash him in the playoffs.