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  1. Agreed. Thanks for the input bud. Thinking I may just stay put at the moment and hope Drake & Connor carry their weight.
  2. He just offered Miles Sanders and Boyd for Adams but I don’t believe I’ll take that.
  3. I will add I started 0-2 so I’m scrambling to get back on track. His WRs are Boyd, McLaurin, M. Brown, & D. Johnson. He was hesitant to let Cook or Jones go so I’m not confident I can get him off a decent WR too.
  4. Yeah Jones is the one I was leaning towards. Just wasn’t sure if I’m better off staying put or rolling the dice on this trade.
  5. PPR. 10 team. I had Saquon and he is out now obviously. My other RBs are Drake, Connor, Henderson, & Hines. My WRs are Adams, Allen Robinson, Chark, and Lamb. Would you trade Adams for Dalvin or Aaron Jones or just stay put with what I have? If yes which one would you choose? WHIR.
  6. Thats what I was thinking/hoping just didn't know if I was missing something big conceptually. Corrected now thankfully. Need every point I can get.
  7. Can anyone explain why the espn ff app just gave Wilson -24 passing yards total after the Metcalf fumble? I have Wilson and opponent has Breida. I was up 10pts going into tonight and felt good about it going in. Not so much anymore.
  8. 1. I like Dak but Brissett isn't a bad option due to them probably having to throw a lot since they'll most likely be behind. 2. I would go with Montgomery since it will probably be a negative game script for Mack. 3. I like Engram better here. 4. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. I would go with Thielen.
  9. I like Engram and Waller. Would go Engram due to the better matchup. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/768537-ppr-mccoy-for-fitz-whir/
  10. I like Allison since I think it will be a closer game or GB coming from behind where they can't get conservative on offense. Robinson would be my second choice though.
  11. I like Gallman and Ridley. Montgomery isn't far behind Gallman for me though due to matchup reasons.
  12. Don't really love any of the options. I like the 49ers the best out of the bunch though.
  13. Like you said your WRs are your weak spot but it's not completely terrible. The Kerryon trade is definitely lopsided. I would just hold tight where you are unless you can get something more favorable for yourself.
  14. I would go with Ekeler and McCoy. I think Ekeler is the safer play for this week over Gordon.