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  1. All FF podcats/outlets seem to think he is coming back this week (unsure why as there have been no reports). I would like to jump onto the Dallas owner in my L if there is a chance he does return this week.
  2. 12-team, ppr. Have made a crazy amount of trades this year (buying low/selling high). Injuries to my squad: Barkley, Thomas, Mixon, Ekeler, Sanders, Ertz, Parker, Reagor. Have been absolutely ridddled with injuries this year.
  3. I would keep shopping. I see JJ as the 1B in that offence really soon.
  4. PPR League. Was offered Godwin for Bell.. That’s an auto accept right? WHiR
  5. Looking to possibly buy-in, is now the time? Or stay away?
  6. This is my thought as well. I think Akers becomes the main RB (though there is risk that this stays a committee).
  7. If you’re super thin - then I think you need to do it to get the RB depth. I was really high on Diontae early, but with the back injuries and emergence of Claypool he may be a sell. I like Diontae more, but you need RBs