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  1. I have both Kupp and Woods in one of my money leagues. Its terrible experience carrying them, guessing who would play better. Hope they go off this week so that I can sell them for a solid WR2.
  2. Coming out of IR to Q at worst time. Now it makes waiver requests harder.
  3. Isn't this guy supposed to be a low WR1 during drafts. He even went ahead of Ridley in some drafts. Lot of WRs drafted after him are balling - K Allen, S Diggs, T Boyd, etc. There are around 10 waiver picks that are doing better than him. The last few games have destroyed his trade value.
  4. Another disappointing week. Goff looks really bad with his passes. Kupp and Woods are losing touches even despite Higbee being out. Reynolds got more targets. I did not expect such a bad season with Rams WRs. RBBC has destroyed WR value also.
  5. Bit nervous about Woods on Monday game. Should I start Kirk it D Hopkins is out over R Woods.
  6. I am also in the same quandry. I have no problems in using even waiver 3-7 on B Scott. I have #1 WW in one league where I am 6-0. Hesitating to use it, I am also loaded with mid tier back, not sure if I will start B Scott over DJ or Melvin Gordon even for the flex spot.
  7. What happnd to D Henry, why wasn't he used on the goal line after the last INT.
  8. Actually A Dalton threw some deeper balls to Gallup and Cooper. Lamb may take backseat now.
  9. Is Amari Cooper even playing. I traded Justin Jefferson to get him.
  10. I am leading 172.52 to 172.30 on another 0-3 team looking for 1st win. My opponent has A Jones. That last drive by Jamaal Williams was so crucial. Thanks fantasy gods.
  11. Dang, I picked Tonyan when Adams was declared out. But I decided to play Ridley. I needed Gurley and Ridley to make 44 pts. I got 19 from Gurley, now if I would have played Tonyan I would have won comfortably and went 1-3 in a 10 team league. Now I am looking at 0-4, worst start. Although I have the best team on paper.
  12. Why heck are they not using Gurley more. Gurley can catch the passes also.