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  1. I got both of them in one of my redrafts, both on bench. Would be good to know, need to drop one of them to add myself a kicker before the season starts. Leaning towards keep R Jones, but Ke'shawn is unknown.
  2. Whom should I start at Flex. I am 0-3 (last position) now facing 1st placed guy. Our teams are even, I have better match ups than him though his team is slightly ahead on projected pts (119 for me vs 129). I need my flex to have the safest floor. Bit scared of E Sanders after poor week 3. AP and Hyde look better AP is playing NYG Def, which could have holes but I am worried if D Jones lights up offense and WAS needs to chase by throwing around the ball. Hyde is playing CAR but he is TD dependent. Please suggest, whom would you pick if you were in my spot. Thanks, WHIR
  3. Royce Freeman, Coleman is a solid RB2 when healthy.
  4. Must win game after a disastrous 0-3 start in my friends league. Hockenson has been disappointing last two games. Scared to start him. Knox is on upswing. Both players have good matchups, KC and NE. Lot of targets available, not sure who gets more. Who should I start, I have Vernon Davis and Tyler Eiffert on the available players list, which are poor choices. Please suggest.
  5. Thanks guys, I dropped M Brown. Kept both Williams and Boyd. Good Luck to you as well.
  6. Confused on who to drop for a Kicker. Please pick one of them from bench. Standard League (Non-PPR) - QB,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,Flex (W/R/T),K,DEF, 7 Bench no IR Starters: D Prescott, M Evans, J Brown, Zeke, Carson, TJ Hockenson, L Bell Bench: D Jax, K Golladay, J Jacobs, D Montgomery, T Boyd, M Brown (Rams-RB), M Williams Thinking of dropping M Williams or T Boyd. Golladay and D Jax look like keepers. Leaning towards M Williams, but the thought of him getting so many touches down the road entices me. Should I do Boyd, pls suggest fast. Thanks
  7. No, it is a real one, Money league ($50 buy in)
  8. Dang, I was drafting when this was happening ysday afternoon. I thought I was getting a good deal in a 10 team to have AJG in 5th round. Now I see I got punked. He was my flex. Now I have to scramble.
  9. Which one would you pick. I got 4 RBs in 10 team league. Looking for a fifth one. Both RBs are in crowded Backfield. Behind the starter. Devin Singletary: Low scoring offense. He just needs to be better than McCoy. If McCoy get traded he will get the start over Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon. Damien Harris: High scoring offense. Sony is better than him, if he stays healthy. James White and Rex Burkhead could take some volume off. Competition is more tougher at Pats. Please add your thoughts.
  10. And Ertz might cost me another game. What the heck, he is getting all of A Jeffery and Tates targets.
  11. Ebron caused havoc against me. Maybe a loss, I thought I had a 6-0 in 6 leagues today.
  12. Bills played nice today I think. Matt Barley did make a difference.