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  1. Even gods can look like mere mortals every once in a while.
  2. Oh boy. Double whammy if you had both Dak and Zeke.
  3. I would gladly welcome Favors back. Think the jazz lost some of it's identity when he left. Also Ed Davis was a shell of himself, Im guessing the jazz move him. Hollinger put out a rumor that Conley may opt out and sign a longer deal, but I kind of doubt it. Clarkson is a guy I hope the jazz can keep, valuable scorer off the bench.
  4. That one hurt. I could have started literally anyone else in the flex spot and won. Not his fault, Minny just fell in love with the run. Still believe in him, but it looks like it'll come with ups and downs fantasy wise.
  5. So the bills rank 28th in rushing this year. They are living by Allen's passing attack and you can't argue with the results. Its hard to see them going away from that. Moss value is going to be pretty low moving forward. I think he should be on the waivers.
  6. As happy as I will be seeing him out there I'll also be a bit nervous when he gets tackled. This dude has been through hell and is a warrior to even consider coming back and playing a contact sport.
  7. Allright A A Ron no more TD passes I want to actually win my matchup this week.
  8. ESPN ranked him as the 40th best receiver this week. I know he started the season slow but he has so much more potential than a lot of guys. I am on the JJ hype train!!!
  9. Just need a decent game from Ertz. But holy cow is the NFC east bad!!