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  1. Better test OG Anunoby's elbow ASAP
  2. Rudy single handedly stopped two teams from scoring tonight. He deserves to be DPOY.
  3. They knew he was sick the entire day and they waited until all 5 guy's for each team were out on the court ready to tip off. Terrible handling, Id be pissed if I was a fan.
  4. Ingram. Surprised so much i didnt draft him in a single league. Same with Kelly Oubre
  5. Literally trying to bury all of our FG%
  6. Beats the rockets at the buzzer at their place. This man can do no wrong by me.
  7. Nice feeling to get him back on my rosters again for this short week.
  8. It's beyond shooting poorly, it's chemistry issues. I guess we all asked for too much too soon from the guy, when you play one way all your career and than asked too play a different way it can be jarring. I think we all are rooting for him to pick it up, but who knows at this point.
  9. Back soon? I hope? Riddled with injuries now
  10. Everytime I need a block from Myles he never gives me one smh
  11. Joe Ingles gives me life, when he struggle, life just not fun anymore
  12. For real, picked him up off the waivers not long ago, been good for me..what non starter guard rebounds like this? 10 boards today
  13. What was he thinking with that video 😂